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Here’s what people call McDonald’s in 7 different countries around the world

I don't know about you, but I think that McDonald's is a pretty popular restaurant not only in America, but all around the world. Of course we've talked about McDonald's quite a few times before, and while we know that some countries don't have them at all, a lot of countries do.

But like that iconic scene from Pulp Fiction hints, the McDonald's experience is a little different depending on where you go. Heck, it's not even known as McDonald's in certain countries. Here's what people refer to as McDonald's in their different, weird countries. Read along with me in the relevant inaccurate, borderline-insulting accent.

1. USA - Mickey D's

Although America is the birthplace of the Golden Arches, the Big Mac and the rest of the gang, it's maybe not surprising that we gave a nickname to our favorite fast food joint. Americans have been known to call McDonald's Mickey D's, but I would also have accepted the Golden Arches.

2. Canada - McDick's

This name is more popular among college-age boys for a pretty obvious reason, but in Canada, you'd head to McDick's for a nice helping of fries, or maybe a McFlurry. Though I'd probably want something with bacon in it; as we all know, Canadian bacon is pretty awesome.

3. Australia - Macca's

We've looked at McDonald's on our own shores and just north of our border; now, let's head all the way Down Under to find out how Aussies refer to the greatest fast food man can buy. You can now also whip up that Crocodile Dundee impression you've been saving for a special occasion. Saying "Macca's" in that accent is a lot of fun, and if anybody's offended (judging by that terrible accent, they will be offended), just buy them a Macca's to help cheer them up.

4. Germany - Mekkes

For some reason, I can't quite picture having a McDonald's in Germany. Perhaps I'd be too occupied with the beers and bratwursts. What you might not know, though, is that Germany is actually the birthplace of the hamburger, first coming to prominence in the 19th Century. You can pick up a hamburger at any of Germany's McDonald's locations, but if you're asking for directions, please refer to it as "Mekkes" in your best German. I hope you've been practising.

5. Hong Kong - Mak Kee

If you were ever to take a trip to Hong Kong and head into one of their McDonald's location, you'd notice that the menu is way different to what you might be used to back home. That isn't to say it's not delicious at all, but at "Mak Kee", you can opt to "Build Your Taste" - that is, make your burger from scratch. Excuse me while I book a flight to Hong Kong.

6. France - MacDo

Ah, France. Home of frog's legs and escargot, French food gets a little bit of a bad rep. They do have a lot of delicious things to enjoy, though, and no more is that apparent than in the French version of McDonald's - MacDo. Pronounced "Mac-Dough", the French version of the Golden Arches keeps it classy, with delicious treats like a hamburger baguette to look forward to. Mais oui, s'il vous plait.

7. Mexico - McDonas

Now, time to head south of the border. Canada's McDick's sounds like a blast, but down in Mexico, if you wanted to try out the McPatatas or anything else you'd find in a McDonald's in Mexico, you'd ask your friend to take you to McDonas. Seriously, looking at the kind of food on display in Mexico City and the like, and McDonas doesn't sound too bad at all.

Well, wasn't that a fun trip around the world? Not only have you spent a considerable amount of time looking at delicious food, but you've also technically learned a few new words in another language. Educational, and appetizing. What's not to like?