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Here Are The Most Titillating Costumes From San Diego Comic-Con 2018

On Sunday, San Diego Comic-Con 2018 came to a close, and boy, was it a terrific year for nerds and geeks alike. I mean, pretty much every year at the beloved convention there is a whole lot going on for hardcore TV, movie, and comic book fans to enjoy, but it seems 2018 offered more "nerd-gasms" than ever before.

From previews and trailers of exciting new projects to star-studded question-and-answer panels, it is every nerd's dream.

Here are the top ten 2018 Comic-Con trailers:

But while there were fewer major panels this year, for instance, Marvel Studios and Game of Thrones were notably absent from the schedule, it simply meant that other projects received more of a focus time around. It also allowed other aspects of the convention to take a bigger share of the spotlight.

But one thing that certainly didn't go unnoticed was the numerous cosplayers who showed off their incredible outfits. This year, in particular, spawned some insanely seductive costumes, so without further ado, here are the crème de la crème of this year's sexiest cosplayers.

1. This girl's a total "ketch"

And people say Pokémon fans are nerds... erm clearly not.

2. No Comic-Con is complete without a sexy Harley Quinn

Imagine seeing her on a deck of cards...

3. Or perhaps you prefer the modern incarnation?

Suicide Squad may have been a washout, but we got something pretty wonderful out of it, don't you think? Nothing quite beats Margot Robbie in my humble opinion.

4. It's no wonder she's made it on the list

It's a classic, but somebody had to turn up as one of the most iconic and sexiest superheroes of all time. It wouldn't feel right otherwise...

Check out these smoking hot Superhero Halloween costumes...

5. Who'd have thought there could possibly be a sexy version of Inspector Gadget?!

Credit: Getty Images

Well, actually I did, as cosplayers really can work miracles! I wonder what else she's hiding under that coat?

6. This lady is hella (ghost)busty

"Hey girl, while you're busy catching ghosts, can I catch your name, your number, and your Snapchat?"

7. This costume was a clear favorite at this year's Comic-Con

And it's hardly any wonder. I mean, those fishnet tights and the tiny shorts... damn!

8. Black and leather... this costume is all kinds of seductive

And she has the perfect bod to go with it.

9. She'd be anyone's golden girl...

And not to sound like a freak or anything but she could strike me with that sword anytime...

10. You'll be seeing ginger pigtails a lot more at Comic-Con. Mark my words...

The knee-high purple boots are a nice finishing touch.

11. She could claw her way into my heart at any time of day...

I mean, this outfit leaves practically nothing to the imagination...

12. Forget the little mermaid, she's the one to watch...

And the way she carries that trident... phwoar.

13. I ain't clowning around but this gal is smoking

And again with the fishnets...

14. It doesn't have to be skimpy to be sexy

It just has to be totally badass!

So there we have it: there's no denying that costumes just keep getting sexier and sexier each year. Any idea who you'd be dressed up as if you got a chance to go?