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Guy posts photo of disappointing peanut butter cup, Reese’s send him something insane

There are some things that can totally ruin your day. Getting a flat tire. Spilling coffee on your laptop. Contracting a nasty case of food poisoning.  And, worst of all, discovering that your Reese's Peanut Butter Cup has no peanut butter. (The horror, the horror.)

Reddit user alexbchillin recently experienced this nightmarish scenario. At work, he was eating a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - as you do - when he realized something horrifying. "They were room temperature, and I knew something was off because it wasn't squishy," said Alex to Insider. "So I decided to break it in half after opening and found the disaster."

Move over, Hindenburg and Titanic. We've got a new symbol for tragedy: a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup without any peanut butter. Why, that's just a Cup! Nobody wants a Cup! "Understandably, I was pretty much in shock," confessed Alex.

There was only one way to deal with this traumatic event: share the photo of the chocolate on the "mildly interesting" subreddit, a forum for "photos that are, you know, mildly interesting". The post went viral, getting over 47,000 upvotes and 2,000 comments.

"I had no idea [the photo] would go viral," said Alex. "I posted to r/mildlyinteresting because this is a pretty laid back subreddit with posts that make you go 'hmmm'; which is what I thought this would do. I guess I severely underestimated how passionate people are about their Reese's."

Indeed he did. Other Reddit users couldn't believe what they saw. One person called the peanut butter-less cup a "crime another humanity." Another person wrote, "This is the saddest thing I've ever seen." Another person suggested Alex should "sue them for PTSD." And one person speculated, "Somewhere out there someone is getting an all peanut butter Reese's cup."

Alex decided to tell the company about their shameful. On the official Reese's Facebook page, he posted the picture of the peanut butter-less cup. In the caption, he wrote, "Yo Reese's what gives? Where's me peanut butter? April Fools was almost 2 weeks ago!"

With his Reddit post going viral, it was only a matter of time before the company discovered Alex's plight. They decided to rectify their mistake. After all, if the chocolate cup is the human body, then the peanut butter is the soul. And everybody needs a nail.

On April 12, Alex updated his original Reddit post, writing, "Reese's has reached out and is sending me coupons. Thanks to everyone for your concerns and well-wishes through this trying time." But the company didn't just send coupons. On April, Alex received a surprise package in the mail: dozens of boxes of Reese's candy, along with a note hoping that the gift contained "enough chocolate AND peanut butter to make everything cool."

Alex posted a photo of his gift on Reddit, and it went viral, getting over 84,000 likes and 3,400 comments. In the comment section, people shared their own horrific food stories: One person confessed, "I found a piece of broken machinery in my jar of Nutella." Another person wrote, "I once bought a Tony's frozen pizza that had a huge glob of some sort of machine lubricant on it." And one person said, "My dad found a dead cockroach in a yogurt once back in the 80's."

Actually, when you think about it that way, a peanut butter-less cup doesn't sound so sad.