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Gordon Ramsay’s Incredible Top 5 Television Moments

Gordon Ramsay may be king of the kitchen, but he is also the master of the temper tantrum. We have all wiled away hours watching Ramsay's blood pressure raise to incomprehensible levels; seeing his face turn redder and redder, and the purple vein on his forehead become more pronounced certainly provides us with some sadistic pleasure. Whilst Ramsay goes through all this for the sake of some damn fine cooking, nothing is ever good enough for the world-renowned chef and that's all the better for our viewing entertainment. I mean Hell's Kitchen wouldn't be half as "hellish" if Ramsay loved everything that his contestants made and we all know that it is Ramsay himself who is the true "nightmare" of Kitchen Nightmares.

So let's celebrate the celebrity chef's infamous temper by counting down his top television moments...

5. Gordon goes off on wasted pasta

It appears that Chef Ramsay has an environmentalist streak given the fervour of his reaction over some wasted capellini. Melinda can't seem to fully cook the pasta, so instead of giving it more time on the pan she keeps throwing it away and starting with fresh pasta, over and over again.

When Ramsay makes the discovery, he gets so angry that his voice starts to crack and in the most high-pitched voice, he bellows "LOOK, LOOK, LOOK" at a terrified Melinda whilst he spoons gobs and gobs of wasted pasta out from the bin before exclaiming, "you're making me mad, you're making me f***ing mad".  Sheesh.

4. Gordon meets his match with Abby 

Thought Gordon had lungs of steel? Well he might have met his match with Abby, the fiery and resolutely stubborn owner of Downcity. The epic showdown took place on Kitchen Nightmares where instead of taking Gordon's sage advice, Abby contested nearly every single decision that the chef made. This naturally culminated in an explosive, expletive ridden argument about the state of a refrigerator. Things got so heated that Ramsay actually stormed out of the place and temporarily called off the episode.

Notable insults include, "you stuck up precious little b***h".

3. D***Face 

One of Gordon Ramsay's greatest insults in his repertoire of jibes has to be when he calls Giovanni "d***face", but what makes this moment so great is Giovanni's comeback, or lack of one. The contestant gets quite offended by the chef's remark and angrily retorts, "Yeah but I’m not d***face, chef".

Firstly, never answer back to Gordon Ramsay but secondly, if you're going to risk igniting his rage at least think of a better comeback. Gordon isn't best pleased and storms up to Giovanni and puts his face millimetres from the contestant's and shouts "donkey". Hilarious.

2. Joseph 

Chef Ramsay asks Joseph, a contestant of Hell's Kitchen to name his two nominees for elimination and why. Whilst this seems like a pretty straightforward request, Joseph refuses to answer the chef and declares that he "ain't no bitch". He then storms up to Gordon and challenges him to an actual brawl saying "you wanna get f***ing rough". He comes nose to nose with the celebrity causing security to gather around the two to prevent a fight breaking out.

A real fight may have been a possibility because Ramsay is a black belt and Joseph is an ex marine. But the chef kept his cool (for once) and calmly told Joseph that he had "no respect" and to "get out".

1. Idiot-Sandwich 

Gordon Ramsay's best insult is unequivocally the famous, "idiot sandwich". Before you think Gordon crossed a serious line, rest assured that it was a skit done for The Late Show with James Cordon. It involves Ramsay taking talk show host, Julie Chen's head and putting it between two slices of bread before making her repeat, "I am an idiot sandwich, Chef Ramsay".

So that's your afternoon of procrastination sorted. Close down any work you have to do, kick of your shoes and settle into a relaxing afternoon watching the famous chef reach greater and greater heights of frustration. It may not be good for you chef, but it is so good for us.