Gordon Ramsay Is Set To Go Toe-to-Toe With A Pineapple Pizza On Facebook Live

No matter how tough life can get at times, I can always rest easy in the knowledge that I can order a pizza at the click of a button. Whether you like pepperoni, anchovies or chillies, pizza is one of those universal foods that everyone can get behind, with one exception – Hawaiian pizza.

Reportedly first created by Sam Panopoulos in Ontario in 1962, it’s characterized by its bizarre topping combination of ham and pineapple in either rings or chunks. It was the most popular pizza in Australia in 1999, but society is decidedly split on the legitimacy of the Hawaiian.

One high-profile detractor is celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, and in typically swear-y fashion, he wholeheartedly denounced the Hawaiian by declaring: “you never put pineapple on a f***ing pizza!” when he was host for the Nightly show in late March. Now, however, Gordon Ramsay is giving us the chance to make him eat humble pie… by having him chow down on a Hawaiian pizza pie.


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