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Gordon Ramsay is roasting amateur chefs on Twitter, and it’s savage

Who doesn't like a bit of Gordon Ramsay? He may be one of the most decorated chefs in the world with 16 Michelin stars to his name, but the man from Scotland is perhaps most famous for his colorful language and lack of filter.

As we are well aware he doesn't reserve his disdain for bad cooking for the contestants on his hit TV shows such as Hell's Kitchen and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. For the uninitiated, if he's not calling you out for being a f**cking moron for cooking raw scallops, he's putting your head between two slices of bread and forcing you to call yourself an idiot sandwich.

Ramsay, who has more than six million followers on Twitter, has been viciously roasting terrible meals made by amateur chefs on Twitter for the past year, criticising the efforts of people who tweeted their photos with withering put-downs. Correction, slam-dunks!

Here are a few of the funniest Ramsay roasts since the 51-year-old started mocking meals on social media.

1. Prison roast 

One man wanted to impress the top chef with a sambar and chutney dish but all Ramsay could focus on was the prison-like tray he served the meal on.

2. Burn

Ramsay roast this amateur chef perfectly - it's a shame that Haw Yee couldn't do the same to his chicken.

3. Your mom's mom

Ramsay never takes any mercy, even on the geriatrics. Especially on the geriatrics.

4. Dog's dinner 

The sausage in his stew looks an awful lot like dog droppings - something Ramsay didn't fail to point out.

5. Sausage fail

Imagine someone telling you your cooking is so bad you should never try it again.

6. Shall I spell it out for you?

This man spelt out his wife's name with breakfast items, but Ramsay has no time for romance when he's busy roasting terrible meals.

7. Some medical advice

Ramsay blames a questionable substance for this cook's unusual food combination.

8. Idiot sandwich 

Both meme and gif, Ramsay pulls out the classic idiot sandwich for this roast.

9. Daddy issues 

A girl presents her dad and Ramsay with a questionable birthday cake.

10. Not so nice pumpkin spice 

If you thought someone like Gordon Ramsay would never be a fan of pumpkin spice you thought right.

11. Breakfast pizza

This dish sounds great but turns out to be an abomination. Ramsay agrees.

12. Medium raw

There's rare steak, and then there's this.

13. Mom doesn't know best

Being the main judge of MasterChef junior, Ramsay knows what kids want, and it's not this.

14. Garbage burrito 

This burrito looks like it will send you to the hospital, and Ramsay agrees.

15 . The one-two punch 

This combination roast is by far the funniest Ramsay has done to date. More of this, please.

These savage Hadouken-like finishing blows will either make you want to step up your skills or cook something awful so you can be hilariously insulted too. How disappointing would it be to discover Ramsay gets someone to come up with these? Here's to hoping that's not the case.