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Gordon Ramsay has been savagely fat-shamed by trolls after appearing on daytime TV

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has given TV and social media audiences a lot of joy over the past few years. Giving his opinion on just about anything that moves, his quick wit and sharp tongue have propelled him to a height in the culinary world few people can say they've reached.

We've had around a decade of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, and about the same amount of Hell's Kitchen. Each has given us a catalogue of weird and wonderful insults to laugh at and even repeat over and over to our friends at dinner parties. "F*cking RAW!" It always goes down well.

His recent antics on Twitter have been just as entertaining; getting people to post dishes they've made at home for him to comment. A quick scroll through his Twitter would suggest he doesn't even care if the food looks good or not: he just likes to mock the hell out of people.

Whilst hilarious, some people deem Ramsay's attitude to be rude and offensive. Often, people have wished that the celebrity have could experience a taste of his own medicine, and it looks like those people's dreams have come true.

Demonstrating his cooking skills on the British TV show This morning, viewers noticed how different Ramsay looked. Not only did the 51-year-old TV chef show off a new haircut with freshly buzzcut sides, fans thought that his body shape had changed a lot - leaving them very divided. Some even fat-shamed him.

The chef was preparing a chicken tray bake for This Morning presenters Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes when people started to mock him. One person jibed: "Has Gordon eaten his body weight in lard... or been attacked by a vicious nurse with a vat full of filler... that should be the new this morning comp…"

Another person said: "Well Gordon Ramsay has put on a few lbs! Is that really him?" and a third added "My star sign today forecast that I would be faced with something 'truly shocking'. Me I thought? Never. Then I saw Gordon Ramsay’s 'haircut'. Shocking doesn't quite do it justice."

It wasn't all bad, however. Some fans came to defend, and even praise, Gordon Ramsay for his body. One beamed :"Gordon Ramsay is looking so gorgeous these days. God, I love him," and another said: "never thought I would say this but Gordon is looking dishy [sexy]."

 Gordon Ramsay showed off his fit physique on This Morning

Gordon previously spoke out on his weight, claiming that being fat-shamed actually helped him get fit a while back. In 2001, as he crossed the finishing line at the London Marathon, a random observer yelled at him "Hey Ramsay, you fat b******, you're not so hard now", before asking if he'd lost his sports bra.

Gordon then said to a local news outlet: "I was 17st... aged 34, I needed to get my s*** together. My father died of a heart attack at 53 and would still be living today had he taken care of himself. The ­pressure on a chef is far greater than ever before because of image."

One thing I will add is that in all the years Ramsay has yelled, screamed and belted at people, he never mocks their image. He regularly takes part in Ironman championships and while he doesn’t diet, promotes healthy eating and even has a book on it. Deep down, he's a man of the people, so I think we should give him a break.