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Girl Reaches Into Twix Share Bag And Uncovers Cunning Plan That Was Meant For Her Mom

When you're hosting an event, especially if that very event happens to mean a lot to you, you'll want to go all out to ensure your guests enjoy themselves to the absolute max.

In fact, some people are so intent on making their guests feel special that they will pounce on anyone (including said guests) who comes in the way of this.

One such person is proud hostess the with the mostest, Martha - the center of this story.

Last month, a Tumblr user by the name of Gabrielle shared the story with her followers, a story she was told when she returned home to visit her family.

When she arrived back home, her mother recounted the epic story about her weekly meet-up with friends and that's when the dramatic yet hilarious anecdote ensued.

According to Gabrielle's mom, the friend who hosted the get-together, Martha, bought personalized snacks for everyone in attendance.

In order to repay Martha for her kindness, Gabrielle's mom tried to give Martha a $20 bill, but the innocent gesture was rejected outright.

So the girl's mom, being the sly woman that she is, left the money on the counter and took the remaining snacks.

However, Martha, as Gabrielle would soon find out, was aware of her friend's not-so-cunning little scheme.

So, she did what anyone else in her shoes would do (well, maybe not) and turned into the most passive-aggressive hostess you've probably ever heard of.

Gabrielle found out about Martha's payback after opening the snack packets:

"My mum comes home and gives me the snacks, including a big ol’ resealable bag of mini unwrapped Twix bites, because she’s “trying to eat better” (total lie, she’s got three bags of Cadbury eggs stashed above the fridge and we all know it but we let her pretend), and I’m on my way back to uni in the course of a couple hours.

I get home, take off my pants, grab the Twix bag for some good old study-snacking, get ready to start my homework but I sh*t you not:"

That's when Gabrielle found the $20 bill safe and sound, back where Martha thought it belonged.

Yep, Martha simply couldn't leave it - there was literally planned to pay her cunning friend back for what she'd done.

"So I do what any responsibleSlytherinn daughter would do after having a 20-minute silent debate about the pros and cons of keeping free money, and i text my mum “MOTHER THOU HAST BEEN DECEIVED” like a normal person does at 11PM and send her those pictures. she immediately replies: “MARTHA YOU SNAKE”

Ultimately, Gabrielle ended up keeping the money as she had already left for university and there was no way to give it back.

The whole thing was resolved with a bottle of wine - quite literally.

Gabrielle told Bored Panda: "It got resolved by my mother buying Martha a $20 bottle of wine and giving it to her as she was about to go into her house so that she couldn’t refuse it."

Soon enough, her fellow Tumblr users started weighing in with recollections of similar stories:

One Tumblr user wrote: "My mom hid money in my Gparents' daily flip calendar so they wouldn't find it until the next week when we were long gone."

Another added: "Reminds me of these little old ladies who would come into the Hardee's where I worked for coffee, and argue over who would pay for it."

In fact, there are a lot of stories about people insisting on leaving money behind after a visit.

This one daughter shared how her father secretly leaves her money whenever he visits her at her own house.

Some parents just can't let go.

So there you have it: if you've been invited to a get-together, and you're being given special treatment (like the deserving guest you are), just enjoy it.