Fried Cheese Tacos Are Here To Ruin Your Diet Plans Forever

Foodbeast have collaborated with California-based Mexican restaurant Puesto to create a taco which cheese lovers would fall in love with. The taco is called Panela en Verde, and it looks absolutely delicious. What’s more, the taco has been created to raise some money for charity.

Puesto’s website states: “The panela cheese is grilled on our plancha till the sides get brown and it develops lots of extra flavor. We add the salsa verde right on top, and continue to cook it to let the salsa add dimension to the cheese. It’s then moved onto a freshly hand pressed, blue corn tortilla and topped with sliced kumquats and red frill mustard greens.” I’m salivating already.

For every taco sold, $1 will be given to Golden Rule Charity, which looks after the vulnerable working in the restaurant industry. This can include emergency funds to cover medical expenses, shelter, food, and/or transportation, as well as smaller acts of kindness. Not only will you be consuming a delicious fried cheese taco, you’ll also be giving your hard-earned dollars to charity.

The Panela El Verde looks goddamn incredible. If you’re a fan of cheese, then you’ve got to get yourself to Puesto, stat. The purple taco shell makes this look even more enticing, and I implore everyone to try one of these cheesy treats. Plus, you’re giving to charity so there’s even more reason to buy 47 of them.

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