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Four Loko Just Launched A Line Of Spirits Designed For Doing Shots

Ever since it was introduced back in 2005 Four Loko has remained firmly entrenched in the public's consciousness. The original caffeine and alcohol-laced drink was eventually pulled after various legal, ethical and health concerns resulted in it being banned from various university campuses across America.

However, that didn't stop Phusion Projects, Four Loko's parent company, from adapting the drink's recipe and reintroducing a very similar product to stores, albeit without so much caffeine.

Things haven't stopped there. It looks like Four Loko is attempting to move into the shots market with a new range of spirits, which have been given the inspired name Shots. Bet it took them a while to come up with that one, hey?

The new offerings include a neon-green apple Green Tornado, which sounds like a much more hectic version of Apple Sourz, a yellow lemon concoction known as Screwball, and a fiery red drink known as Dragon's Breath. Every single one sounds like you'd get well and truly messed up after just one shot.

So why did the company decide shots were the way forward? Phusion Project's president, Jim Sloan, said: "Four Loko needed to win more occasions. Our audience's appetite for adventurous options doesn't end at the pregame."

The new sprits are 35 per cent alcohol, which is a pretty standard amount for spirits, but knowing Four Loko, there's probably some seriously mind-altering ingredients in there designed to get you as drunk as possible. If you want to give them a try for yourself, you'll be able to find them in liquor stores and bars across America from today.