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Former McDonald’s employees reveal the one burger you should never, ever order

Reddit users who claim to be McDonald’s past and present employees have revealed the menu item you should never order from the fast food restaurant and why. In a thread where restaurant workers were asked to share which menu items people should never order, users who claimed to work for the chain agreed that the Filet-O-Fish was a poor choice.

A Reddit user who said he used to work at McDonald’s three years ago said: “I can promise you that filet of fish is not fresh by any stretch of the imagination.” “At McDonald’s just say you want a fish filet cooked to order,” another user advised.

The same user explained that you would have to wait five minutes longer for your order but it will be “worth it compared to the Filet that has been in the heated cabinet for hours.” Despite the criticism, one loyal McDonald’s customer defended the chain by saying the fish burger is his favorite dish on the menu.

He said: “If you’re going to serve me a square piece of fish that tastes the exact same whether I order it in Denver or the south of France, I am under no assumption that it is by any means fresh and I am completely okay with that, it’s my go-to comfort food.”

Somone else whose go to food is Mickey's - even being known to be akin to a Filet-O-Fish or two - is the current president Donald Trump.

Continuing his hot streak of uninterrupted gossip about the president, former New York City mayor and current Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani told the Washington Post yesterday that at a recent lunch together, Trump ordered a burger - one of his perennial favorites - but with only half a bun. You know, for health reasons.

“It’s a good way to do it,” Giuliani told the paper, adding that he himself sometimes goes the completely mystifying but definitely messy half-bun route. A hack if I ever heard of one. Back to the messiness of the burger though - remember Trump eats his fast food with cutlery (unless it's pizza which he eats backwards).

Apparently, Trump’s oh-so-healthy modifications to his beloved fast food meals date back to his campaign trail days, when his standard order, according to former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, was two Mickey D’s Big Macs, two Filet-o-Fish and a chocolate milkshake—aka a heart attack on a plastic tray. Will 50 percent less bread really change anything?

Lewandowski seems to think so. He told CNN “New Day” co-host, Alisyn Camerota, last December, “Well, he never ate the bread, which is the important part,” he said. “So it was really, you know, a couple of fish sandwiches and a couple pieces of meat and a drink.”

Where to begin with that statement? Setting aside the fact that a Filet-O-Fish without the bread is not, in fact, a sandwich, the above order still totals about 2400 calories and 100 grams of fat. Leaving off a couple of pieces of bread to make it “healthier” is about as logical as, well, putting blame “on both sides” after the violent actions of white supremacists led to 34 injuries and three deaths in Charlottesville last year. So to speak.