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Former ‘Glee’ star Lea Michele reveals what she eats to help keep her in such good shape

If you follow Lea Michele on Instagram, you know that one of her favorite places is SoulCycle, she enjoys a good hike and she's all about eating right. The former Glee star is downright addicted to a good workout, and her food addiction is just as healthy.

Between performing, acting and her charity work, the star has a lot of plates to spin. How she manages to maintain a great body is the stuff of miracles, or if you are more pragmatic, hard work and determination to eating well, not to mention treating your body right.

The singer and actress recently showed off the inside of her fridge on social media, and people were in awe. It actually looks like the produce aisle of the most immaculate grocery store ever. Talk about food envy!

Behold: shelves lined with bottles of water, loads of fresh fruits, and other healthy goodies like chia-seed bread (which I didn't even know was a thing). I'm guessing that Lea Michele never finds expired cartons of Thai takeout when she cleans out her fridge.

Her fridge is really is goals; bowls of berries ready to be picked at will, plenty of citruses ready to be infused into water, greens to keep her full, dairy and dairy alternatives to give her healthy. Don't forget fats and eggs, for that ever important protein. I really wish I get invited for dinner soon.

There's a method to this sparkling, color-blocked organization. In a caption to accompany her Instagram story, the actor and singer said: "I always keep tons of healthy fruits and vegetables in my refrigerator that are all organic. I find that the healthier foods I have at home the nutritious snacks I have on hand at all times."

She continues: "rather than snacking on bad things it helps me to stack on good things all the time. YUM!" When a snack-attack strikes, she'll have no choice but to reach for something like a fistful of cherries or a ripe, juicy orange. Much better for you than a slice of pizza or cheesecake.

It is definitely working as the star is in tip-top shape, and her bikini snaps from beaches around the world would make it onto anyone's fitness vision board. You don't get more inspiration than this.

Lest you start thinking Lea Michele is not just like us, she has admitted to some cheat day cravings in the past. "My vice is cheese, 100-percent, and pizza," she revealed in an interview with E!. "I was just in New York City a couple weeks ago, and I definitely late-night had like four slices of pizza. The best!"

Even better, apparently, when it's chased with limes and Brussel sprouts. The key, as always, is balance. If you're not fond of Brussel sprouts with your pizza, have a handful of spinach. This is only effective if you don't eat the entire box. Here's hoping Lea has inspired you.