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Fast Food Employee Reveals Why You Should Never Order Pepperoni Pizzas

Fast food is everyone's guilty pleasure. Even the Kardashians are known to dip into McDonald's from time to time. Let's face it though, we don't really know what goes into the food that we so lovingly order on a drunken night out.

If you're curious as to what actually goes into your favorite Asian dish or your extra-extra-large pepperoni pizza order, a bunch of fast food workers have revealed the foods they never order and why. Check them out below...

1. Teriyaki chicken 

Teriyaki chicken could either be cooked fresh or be sitting around for hours, depending on where your order is made of course. One Reddit user said because the chicken takes so long to cook, they only make enough based on how many customers they are expecting that day. So your chicken could be really old.

2. Banana ice cream

Banana ice cream is a homemade way to eat healthily, but also fix your sugar cravings. But when it is ordered from a store, workers admit that they can never get the ice cream to be a good texture. Most of the time it's so runny, you can't even call it a milkshake.

3. Mexican salad

A pizza chain employee said they hate being asked to make Mexican salads by diners. Why anyone would order a taco salad from a pizza place and expect it to be as good as the Mexican nearby is baffling. The salads may end up getting a mix of foods in them thanks to the different cuisines and this isn't always a good thing.

4. Subway

 One user explains that "the most hated thing to make is pretty much any sandwich that's supposed to be toasted like steak, teriyaki, or chicken bacon ranch, and the customer doesn't want the bread toasted." They continue, "we have to get the meat on parchment paper and warm it up in the microwave then use our hands to put the very hot meat on the sandwich."

5. Grilled chicken

One worker revealed that grilled chicken is actually microwaved and then placed on a grill for the grill marks. The next time your "fresh grilled chicken" is super rubbery, this is why.

6. McFlurrys

McDonald's almost never seem to be able to serve McFlurrys in the summer and users were quick to say that it isn't them being lazy. The machines just don't work a lot of the time sadly. So, unless you're after some sugary milk for dessert, don't opt for McFlurrys.

7. Starbucks frappucinos

Behind the Instagram pics and the misspelled names, baristas admit how much they actually hate making the famous frappucinos. One user said: "Most of them just seem like they're made to be Instagram-ready. I frequently find ones that have barely been touched in the bin". If not, they take a sip and then ask for something else instead.

8. Pepperoni pizza

Reddit users say managers at pizza chains can be extremely fussy about how much pepperoni goes on each pizza. One worker recalls having to count 80 individual pepperoni pieces for a large pizza, adding that pepperonis on pepperoni pizzas are all individually hand counted, meaning the grime and germs multiply depending on the size of your order.

9. Your Morning Coffee

If your favorite chain serves its hot beverages in styrofoam cups, you should probably avoid buying them. This is because the material can leak the chemical compound styrene - a neurotoxin that can cause a loss in concentration and depression. So technically your pick-me-up could actually be making you extremely sad.


I know it's January and you're more than likely trying your best to stay away from fast food, so this list is here just in case you do get tempted. Come February, forget this ever existed and indulge in the best cheat meal you can possibly have. Afterall, what's a little grease and grime?