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Expert Reveals Whether You Should Store Ketchup In The Fridge Or The Cupboard

Ketchup is a staple of cupboards around the world. The perfect accompaniment to fries, burgers, chicken nuggets, and, if you're brave enough, just about anything. It's something most of us can't get enough of. In my opinion, a hotdog that hasn't got waves of ketchup and mustard on it isn't worth eating, but when it comes to storing our beloved ketchup, most of us don't have a clue.

When I was still living with my parents, my mom stored ketchup in the pantry alongside other condiments like mustard and chili sauce. Then, when I got my own apartment, for reasons unknown, I decided to store it in the fridge. What can I say? I subconsciously decided I preferred chilled sauce.

Now, experts have weighed in on where ketchup should be stored, and it turns out that I was right and my mom was wrong. I knew it! Chilled ketchup tastes a lot better than the monstrous gloop that comes out of cupboard stored bottle.

The answer to this long-running debate was finally discovered by The Takeout, JOE reports, who also worked out where a number of condiments should be stored as part of it, but let's face it, the only thing most of us are interested in is ketchup.

By interviewing Cynthia James from the Cornell Food Venture Center at Cornell University, The Takeout discovered that, in her expert opinion, storing a bottle of ketchup outside the fridge is perfectly okay if you're a prolific user.

However, if you don't happen to get through a bottle a week (does anyone actually not do that?) then the delicious tomato condiment should be kept in the fridge - if not for the sake of taste but for the all-important sake of your health.

"Room temperature is where microbes thrive and multiply at the fastest rate; refrigeration slows down this growth," James said.

This recommendation is also backed up by one of the world's biggest ketchup retailers Heinz. They said to The Takeout that they recommended "refrigerating its products after opening to maintain the best product quality."

So, if you've been keeping your ketchup in the cupboard until now, will you be moving it to the fridge or leaving it be? Let us know in the comments section! Although, if it's the latter, we do recommend consuming it within a week!