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8 of the tastiest foods to say sorry to your partner with

There's nothing worse than really hurting someone close to you. Whether you meant it or not, when the guilt you feel reaches its peak and they make it clear there's nothing you can do to rectify your wrongs, it's difficult to know what to do next.

May I suggest channeling your redemption into a lush, heartwarming dish? It's almost impossible for anyone to say no to good food. If it truly comes from a place of regret, you'll be back in their good books in no time at all. Take a look at the eight things you should make for someone to apologize.

1. Anything Nutella based

I couldn't think of anything more heart-mending that a warm dollop of Nutella. It could be in a pudding, it could be spread between two slices of toast, it could even be served on a spoon, with another spoonful of peanut butter to follow.

2. Pizza

This is the one thing I think you already knew would be on the list. Why not go the way of a meme and spell out your apology with pepperoni slices or a couple of olives (if it doesn't make your partner cringe)? Get creative with your apology pie, using these alternatives to pizza.

3. Fast food

If you've been fighting over the phone all day, greet with your lover with some apologetic nuggets when you get home. Alleviating the stress of cooking is always a nice gesture in my opinion - and if its something crispy and fried, that's even better.

4. Candy

Picking your partner's favorite candy shows you still care and you do actually listen when they're talking from time to time. Whether it's chocolates or sweets, the bigger the better, usually.

5. Cake 

Like the apology pizza, a cake is just as effective at translating what you can't say aloud into an edible form. It's also perfect when they have a sweet tooth. If your apology is on the longer side, I would argue to choose a cake because you can write a lengthier message.

6. Sandwich 

If your spat has tipped over into the next morning and you're still not talking to each other, a hearty breakfast sandwich is hard to dispute. Try to get up early so they can wake up to the smell of your remorseful bacon.

7. Risotto 

For this one, the cheesier the better. This works better than a cheesy pasta because risotto takes a little more effort than dried eggs and wheat in boiling water. It's an ooey-gooey attempt to show you're willing to put some effort in.

8. Tea

Bringing up the rear on this list is a lovely cup of tea. Similar to candy, if you pick their favorite you're already on the right track. Hopefully, you can sit and talk it out, so that by the end of that last sip you've made up. Aww.

If these foods fail, you must have really messed up. Maybe you should try a huge pizza or a massive cookie? Otherwise, I can do very little to help you. If all communication has failed, avoid eye contact or sudden movements until the danger has passed. Or just admit it was your fault.