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Eating This Food Makes Men More Attractive To Women, Study Says

Everyone wants to appear their best in order to attract a partner. We're all guilty of a little peacocking, aren't we? It's no secret the ladies love a sharp dressed man, and as a woman, I can truthfully tell you that I do love a man in a well-cut suit!

But suits aren't for every occasion, so I'd settle for a really nice pair of shoes. As the saying goes, you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes and his wallet (and no, I'm not talking about his money, I'm talking about the fact that no one likes a guy who keeps his change in a ziplock baggie!)

But seriously, there are many things other than appearance for a guy to be more attractive to the ladies.

Of course, general grooming is a must, and smelling great is certainly a plus, but did you know what you eat could be responsible for getting you a date?

It really is true that you are what you eat and according to a recent study, guys who eat this particular food cause their body chemistry to change so that their natural aroma is more appealing to women.

Yes, it turns out that men who regularly eat their fruits and veggies smell much more attractive to women than those who don't.

So, guys, you might want to stop pulling that tomato off your burger, and perhaps think about adding pineapple on your next pizza slice.

This discovery was made in a new study from Macquarie University in Australia, which had men record their daily food habits. Then, the researchers also measured the presence of carotenoids, which come from fruit and vegetables and show up in a person's skin.

The amount of carotenoids present in a person is the best indicator of the amount of fruit and veg they've eaten. Then, the men were asked to put on a fresh t-shirt and exercise before women were asked to give the sweaty guys a stiff and declare who was the most appealing.

Women reported that the men with the highest levels of carotenoids smelled the best and associated their sweat with smells of florals, fruit, and sweetness. That's certainly a departure from the stinky scent in a typical guys' locker room!

Did you know that what foods you eat can also change the way you taste, smell, and feel in the bedroom, too? Perhaps you should check out the video below to find out the perfect meal to serve for dinner if you're looking to get frisky for dessert:

Interestingly, whether or not a guy ate meat or was strictly a vegetarian didn't seem to impact his scent or the women's preference at all. So go ahead and grab that burger, just make sure you order a salad on the side.

Aside from smelling more attractive, adding more fruit and veg to your diet will likely have some great health benefits and help in achieving a more fit physique, as well.

Of course, I don't think it counts if you order the deep-fried breaded zucchini sticks!