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Donald Trump is going to insane lengths to avoid being poisoned by White House staff

Running an entire country (and arguably, the free world) must be difficult, especially when you come from a background of having little to no government experience. You only have a few people that you can trust, you've made big promises that could be a little more difficult to keep than you initially thought, and the food sucks.

This is the position President Trump has found himself in many times and it looks like there is little to no respite from the crazy world that is being president. Luckily for Trump, he finds solace in the world of comfort food, and more specifically: fast food.

We are all aware that Trump enjoys his fast food, and that he likes taking the idea of comfort food to a whole new level, but reports have come out surrounding the extreme lengths he will go to in order to ensure that he is eating safely.

It turns out that Donald Trump's taste for McDonald's goes deeper than an inkling for cheap fried meat. He prefers it because he has a fear of being poisoned. This is all according to a very explosive new book about his first year in office.

In the book, "Fire and Fury: inside the Trump White House," author Michael Wolff writes one of the reasons the president prefers fast food is that no one knows he is coming to the establishment, and the food is, presumably, safely made.

In the first days of his spell in the White House, a paranoid president gave an oddly specific order that the housekeeping staff touch nothing in his room, especially not his toothbrush. Even if the White House staff didn't like him, you think they'd be mature enough to not to put Trump's toothbrush down the toilet and back again. There must be something more to this.

Trump's cleaning staff rules went further than that, it's reported that he reprimanded housekeepers for picking up his shirt from the floor. He told staff "If my shirt is on the floor, it's because I want it on the floor." He also told the cleaning crew that he would alert them as to when he wanted his shirts cleaned, opting to strip the bed himself.

Wolff also says that Trump added a lock to his bedroom door, and, for the first time since the days of the Kennedy White House, he maintains his own sleeping quarters apart from his wife Melania.

On top of this, in the early days of his presidency, if the President wasn't dining with former chief strategist Steve Bannon at 6:30 pm, he would retreat to his room where he would eat cheeseburgers in bed while watching televisions. Plural televisions, three to be exact.

Just when you thought the media was too busy with trying to find out if the Trump administration were colluding with the Russians, a gem of a story like this comes up. Love him or hate him, nothing is more relatable than sitting in bed eating cheeseburgers all night. I wish that I had fast food at the press of a button.