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Donald Trump has a completely new diet after being ‘ordered’ to lose weight

For all his questionable hairstyles, excessively long ties and obsessive interest in barrier masonry, there's one topic that has had foodies talking more than any other during the opening act of the Trump Presidency.

Photos of The Donald smiling next to steaks and wolfing down Big Macs have made it crystal clear that The Commander in Chief is not a man to be dissuaded from his favorite foods by loony-lefties whinging about "cancer", "obesity" and "salads". For the President, a carton of ketchup provides all the nutrients needed.

Trump eating fast food

However, despite consistent claims from pro-President sources over Trump's "phenomenal" physical well being, it seems as though the McDonald's Diet has finally caught up with the former reality TV host.

After the President's latest medical assessment in January, his personal physician, Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, advised him to "eat less carbohydrates and fat and to exercise regularly". For a man whose two passions are burgers and golf buggies, this is clearly quite a blow.

These new reports are somewhat contradictory, as during the Presidential campaign it was claimed that Trump would be the "healthiest President" in American history. According to a 2015 letter penned by Dr Harold Bornstein, the 70 year-old Trump's blood pressure is "astonishingly excellent", and his physical strength and stamina are "extraordinary".

Bornstein concluded that, "if elected, Mr Trump...will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency", despite having never examined or spoken to anyone else ever elected to the presidency. This suspiciously glowing appraisal was addressed "To Whom My Concern", leading some to question whether there was more to Trump's health then meets the eye.

Screen shot of Trump health letter

Weighing in at 239 pounds and standing at six-foot, three inches tall, Trump measured just under "clinically obese" when he first took office, according to measures provided by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. In order to instigate a shift to a more healthy lifestyle, cheeseburgers have, for a time at least, been substituted for soups and salads in the Presidential diet.

Sources suggest that this new regimented dietary approach is not just confined to the 71-year-old himself. According to reports in the Bloomberg Associated Press, Jackson and Jennifer Pena, the doctor of Vice President Mike Pence, are pushing to make healthy choices standard for all White House staff by making fundamental changes to every menu in the building.

This bad news could be a bi-partisan issue, as Republicans will no longer be allowed to feast on red meat and fast food, but will also probably avoid a premature heart-attack - doubtless to the dismay of certain Democrats.

Trumps doctor in the oval office

The new approach seems to be paying dividends for the President. Senior aides report that Trump feels as though he is "thriving" on the new diet, presumably irritating Democrats still further. One White House worker stated that he "hadn't seen the President eat a burger for two weeks", marking a significant change from a campaign where Trump would regularly dine on dinners of two Big Macs, two Filet-o-Fish and a chocolate shake.

Trump eating a burger

However, the new diet is not all leaves and liquids. Indulgences have not been totally banned from White House tables, as it was also reported that the President was allowed to eat bacon for breakfast at least one day this week.

If Dr Bornstein is to be believed, maybe it's the addition of bacon and other burger staples that have helped Trump to maintain such a chiselled figure and generally phenomenal physical health for all these years. Clearly, there's hope for fast food fans everywhere.