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Donald Trump demanded White House chefs recreate his favorite fast food for him

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last 18 months (which if you are, I am incredibly jealous), you might have read about President Trump's rather... unique culinary preferences. He's known to enjoy his fancy steaks extra well done and dipped in ketchup, and is an unabashed junk food fiend (with a particular penchant for taco bowls, according to his Twitter).

A number of reports and photos suggest he subsisted on little more than Big Macs throughout the entirety of his 2016 campaign. What you may not know is that the POTUS is such a big fan of McDonald's that he reportedly asked White House chefs and kitchen staff to recreate specific staples from the fast food mega-chain's menu for him.

His reported go-to? A Quarter Pounder, and fried apple pies. The revelation comes from an article published by Politico on November 6 which featured insight from Trump's former bodyguard David Schiller, who had worked for the president until September this year. He had a lot to say about the leader of the free world and his eating habits.

Schiller recalls being once dispatched to a Washington DC-area McDonald's to pick up a Quarter Pounder and apple pie, after the White House kitchen was unable to replicate either of the foods to Trump's liking. Talk about picky.

The Commander-in-Chief is also reported to prefer his McDonald's burgers prepared in a special way: with extra ketchup and no pickles. Extra ketchup with his steak? Extra ketchup with his burgers? There seems to be a pattern forming for the way Trump likes his meat (fun fact: Ash Ketchum's Pikachu from the Pokémon cartoon also loves ketchup).

Despite Schiller's relatively senior role (his official title being "head of Oval Office operations"), Politico reports that he was regularly sent out to the Golden Arches for Trump during the campaign.

Specifically, he'd swing by one near New York City's Laguardia Airport while Trump waited in his limo. "Egg McMuffins were often the order in the morning or two quarter-pounders and a large fries later in the day," the Politico story quotes a former aide saying.

This weird relationship with fast food goes beyond just McDonald's. Way back before he assumed the highest office in American politics, he was in a Pizza Hut commercial that revealed a lot about the man who would later become the leader of the free world.

Yes, it was an advert for stuffed crusts so it's not that weird that he eats the pizza crusts first (though it is certainly questionable). But what's truly weird is the way he holds the pizza. Is he scared of it? For someone who likes fast food so much, he handles the slice like it's one of those "very bad people" he goes on about. You're plebeian enough to constantly eat fast food, but too good to eat with your hands like a normal person? This makes no sense.

Not that long ago too, Trump tweeted a picture of himself enjoying an airborne KFC meal, with a knife and fork. Not just any knife and fork either: pristine silverware. I don't know about you, but I think it's hard to be a man of the people when you share pictures of yourself eating fried chicken with cutlery.

To be fair, Trump's quirky relationship with food should come as no surprise now, so this is hardly news. It is surprising, however, to hear that the White House's highly trained chefs weren't able to pull off a basic McDonald's order. Then again, maybe that's a good thing.