Deep Fried Creme Eggs Are Here And They Look Glorious

In my humble opinion, everything is better when it’s been deep fried. Vegetables? Of course. Toast? Obviously. And what about when Scottish people started deep frying their Mars Bars? I, for one, was totally on board with that.

However, thanks to the UK-based Simpson’s Fish and Chip Shop, which was voted the UK’s No. 1 Fish & Chips Takeaway 2016, there’s a new favorite deep fried dish in the running for a place in my heart. And I’m not just talking about the clogged arteries it will almost definitely give me.

That’s because Simpson’s Fish & Chip Shop, in Cheltenham, UK, is now serving deep fried Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, and it’s pretty much the best news I’ve heard all day. Even better, the cash raised from the deep fried eggs is going towards the British Hen Welfare Trust. The trust is the largest hen rescue centre in the UK, and works hard to give abused birds a better life.

Simpson’s told The Metro: “As well as rehoming over half a million hens in just six years, The British Hen Welfare Trust actively promotes British free-range farmers, which is something we fully endorse. Putting our own twist on the classic Creme Egg was great fun and we learnt last year that timing is key – frying the batter so it’s deliciously crispy and lightly warming the egg but ensuring it stays firm.”

The eggs are on sale until April 17th, so if you happen to be in the area, I’d suggest getting them quick. Alternatively, you could always give deep frying your own a go, although don’t blame me if you start attempting to deep fry anything and everything in sight.

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