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Couple Prank Boyfriend’s Entire Family With “Pregnancy”, Then Reveal The Hilarious Truth

Once you enter a marriage or long-term relationship, it's natural after a few years for people to start asking when you're going to start having kids. This doesn't mean you have to have any, of course, and one couple found the perfect way to likely stop everyone from asking them ever again.

Sheridan and Andy have been together for two years, and considering they're both still in their early twenties, neither is personally feeling the pressure to have a child yet. However, on Mother's Day, the pair cooked up a fabulous prank that had everyone thinking they were expecting.

Sheridan explained to Unilad how she had always been skinny and had the ability to pop her stomach out, basically making a 'food baby'. She explained:

"I was telling Andy that I could still do that and I was messing around poking it out and rubbing my tummy in the car and he asked to take a picture. Andy only posted it on Snapchat, with my permission of course, cause I looked pretty plump lol!"

She continued: "It was his idea. He jokes a lot. I wasn’t going to put it on my Snapchat because I didn’t want to be bombarded with congratulations and have to let everyone down. With him, a lot of people were saying congrats but a lot of people were telling him to shut up cause they didn’t believe him."

Sheridan's 'food baby' does look a bit like a small early-pregnancy bump, and so it's not a far stretch to see how people could have believed she was actually expecting. One of these people was Andy's dad, who saw the picture on Snapchat.

Andy's father quickly texted Andy's sister, who was with the couple and asked, "Was Andy kidding in his Snapchat?" Seeing that Andy is quite the prankster, her own father couldn't be sure if he was kidding or not.

Sheridan considered ending the prank then and there, but considering Andy's father had seen her just the day before in a crop top, they decided to keep the prank going. After all, how could she have really grown a bump overnight?

The couple, along with Andy's sister, continued to send photos and texts of "Congrats, you're going to be a grandpa." However, when Andy's dad finally found out the truth, he wasn't laughing. Sheridan explains:

"The whole thing probably went on for a half hour and I was feeling bad because obviously, he was upset for that whole time. Michelle, Andy’s sister, finally answered his call and told him it was fake and he was getting mad at her. She was like why is he getting mad at me it wasn’t even my prank!

"His reaction to finding out it was fake was not like ‘ha, ha, very funny’ it was more like ‘that s*** isn’t funny’. I think he was also mad that he got got," she continued.

After all that, surely no one will be asking the pair when they plan to get pregnant now. Although, if they actually do decide to have children one day, it's likely no one will believe the birth announcement!