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Colossal Differences Between Growing Up In The Noughties And Growing Up Today

Growing up in the noughties was a very unique experience, to say the least. We were the last generation to enjoy a childhood that wasn't dominated by the internet, and even when we did go online, our virtual world was nothing like today's.

We also had a pretty unique culinary experience too. Back then, Lunchables were the height of cool, and no self-respecting kid would be caught dead in the playground with a roll of Hubba Bubba to exchange for some Pokémon cards.

Nowadays, such trivial joys have been overtaken by Starbucks and iPhones. Kids don't seem to suffer the right of passage fashion faux pas of millennials. Instead, they grow up #InstaReady and establish their #SquadGoals in preschool.

1. What the kids love to drink at lunch in 2018

Versus the ultimate snack in 2002:

The excitement of making a Lunchables sandwich was unparalelled.

2. Happy Meal toys aren't as collectible these days

Us millennials would have sold our souls for an extra beanie baby:

I used to line them up like a cuddly army on my desk at school.

3. The hipster smoothies kids can't get enough of

What it was really about back in the day:

Disclaimer: I drank Sunny D for at least a decade and never turned yellow.

4. The haircut all the hip boys have

The epitome of a young stud in the noughties:

Maybe it's time we brought Backstreet back, alright?!

5. A lunchbox staple for any generation

But the packaging in the noughties was a lot better:

One of these bad boys could last you a week if you were careful.

6. The ultimate beauty-must have now

Oh, how times have changed:

So strong is my affiliation to juicy tubes that I've never tried a Kylie lip kit.

7. Kids these days don't know what they are missing out on

You got more crunch for your cash in the noughties:

It's worth noting that Doritos 3D still exist in some places. Where? I'm not sure, but enjoy if you find them!

8. How kids waste their time on the internet in 2018

It's nowhere near as fun as what millennials used to do:

I wonder if my Tamagotchi is still alive...

9. Money for charity is raised in such fun ways these days

Millennials just had wristbands:

At one point, I had so many wristbands, I could barely hold my pen at school.

10. Tweens these days spend most of their time sexting

In my day, crushes were formed on MSN:

Your relationship wasn't official until it was in your MSN name.

11. The condiment of the modern era

Its more creative noughties counterpart:

Because a hamburger just isn't edible until it's green.

12. Kids these days are forking out a lot more for their technology

I spent so much of the noughties on this bad boy:

Part of me wishes I'd kept my blackberry, to be honest!

There's nothing quite like a trip down memory lane, is there? I don't know about you, but I'm now feeling pretty nostalgic for my childhood and very glad that - with the exception of one or two bad MySpace selfies - my younger years didn't play out online.