Chocolate Crumpets Are Here To Change The Name Of Breakfast Forever

If you’re currently coming down from a Valentine’s-induced sugar high and need something to keep you going until Easter, don’t worry, because Knead bakery are here to solve our post-Valentine’s Day woes with their latest bread-based creation.

That’s because the London artisan bakers have come up with possibly the most enviable breakfast product yet – the chocolate crumpet. The incredible chocolatey creation contains 70 per cent cocoa chocolate, meaning you’ll be getting those endorphins flowing in no time.

The crumpets were first discovered by BBC Good Food in the Selfridges Food Hall, but for all you average Joes out there, they’re also on sale at East London’s famous Broadway Market on Saturdays. However, these babies are sadly limited edition, so I’d suggest you get in quick.

If you’re in America, I’m afraid you’re going to have to figure out how to bake your own. Which, come to think about it, might be the funnest baking challenge I’ve set myself yet.

As food writer Felicity Spector so brilliantly pointed out, these crumpets go perfectly with Moose Maple Butter. I’m almost certain they’ll also taste divine with crunchy peanut butter slathered all over them. Is anyone else’s mouth watering at the thought?

Okay, so now we’re all well and truly upset that we don’t have a packet of these beauties sitting in our kitchen cupboard, I’ll leave you with three words that may or may not help: crumpet, chocolate bar, oven. Do you see what I’m getting at?

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