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Chipotle did something amazing for the woman who gave birth in their restaurant

When you are planning a pregnancy, you have months and months to plan for the big day and try to accommodate for how drastically your life will change afterwards. Yet, as often happens in life, the best plans don't always work out exactly as you expect them to. And for one couple, the birth of their child came at an extremely inconvenient time, although things did work out for the best in the end.

On April 10 at 9:11 am, Adriana Alvarez gave birth to a baby boy. She went into labor at the Chipotle on E Smoky Hill Road in Centennial, Colorado. The child, later named Jaden, was delivered with the assistance of Angie Schell, a 911 dispatcher. Schell coached the father through the process over the phone, from 16 miles away. Soon after, the mother and her newborn child made it safely to Parker Adventurist Hospital.

Angie Schell is the lead dispatcher at the South Metro dispatch center, working in the role for 17 years, where she has been a part of a wide range of emergency situations. "I've been the last voice that many people have spoken to," she said to 9 News, "so it's really nice to be able to be there for their first breath, too."

A month has now passed since this momentous occasion, and with Jaden given a clean bill of health it was time for a reunion. The parents brought their child back to the same Chipotle on Sunday to meet Schell in person, but there were even more surprises in store. To treat the Alvarez family on their visit, the restaurant threw them a baby shower to celebrate the successful delivery.

The restaurant was decked out with balloons and decorations, along with a cake - featuring a baby and, of course, a burrito topper. Surrounding it were cupcakes, each decorated with their own miniature (and edible) burrito decorations.

As Schell met Jaden in person for the first time, she held the baby as he was wrapped in another surprise gift - a tortilla-style blanket.

Chipotle PR and communications manager Quinn Kelsey released a statement to Food & Wine, in which she said:

"We are always looking to make our customers happy by going above and beyond and cultivating a sense of community. We do that every day for our customers through the real and really delicious food we serve, but sometimes this goes beyond the restaurant itself—literally!

"When we heard that baby Jaden was born in our parking lot, and the amazing teamwork between the family and the dispatcher, we were excited to do something special to celebrate them all. We loved throwing the Chipotle-themed baby shower and hope they enjoyed it just as much as we did."

If this occasion wasn't sweet enough, it turns out that the couple actually met for the first time at a Chipotle. Seems like it was meant to be.