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Chick-Fil-A will give you free food for a year if you can solve this mystery

Ever wondered what it would be like to own and run one of the best-fried chicken joints in the country? If you were the giant and widely popular fast food chain Chick-Fil-A and one of your catering vans was stolen, what type of extreme action would you resort to, to make sure that those responsible face justice?

Well, one route to consider would be to recruit your vast network of fans to help you find the person who stole it, and that's just what Chick-Fil-A did, promising free food for a year to the person who is able to track down or turn in the person behind the theft.


As Fox News reports, a Chick-Fil-A location in Georgia claims that one of its catering vans was stolen last Sunday morning. Later, the van was found under very mysterious circumstances.

The van had been crashed into a parked car in the driveway of a home, and then abandoned. The fast-food chain obtained grainy photos originally taken from a video surveillance of the still unidentified suspect - which has been distributed publicly, in the hopes that someone might recognize him or her.

The chain hopes that distributing the surveillance will help someone recognize the mystery thief. Chick-Fil-A believes the person in the photos absconded with the truck, but he or she (obviously) has yet to be arrested.

Not satisfied with the investigative powers of the local enforcement, Chick-Fil-A believe that going public could be their best decision. They believe that doing it this way will mobilize amateur private detectives or renegade wannabe vigilantes if promised a year's worth of free chicken sandwiches. And who wouldn't want that?

Given the popularity of the chain, this method could go one of two ways: one noble person delivers and the issue is dropped, or the entire state provides false information and the chain digs themselves into an inescapable rabbit hole (the lengths people go to for fried chicken, eh?).

In addition to this, there might be a public risk at hand here: If you were the lucky one to be awarded free fast food for a year, wouldn't that be the only thing you ate? The answer is "yes" (don't even try to deny it), and I don't need to remind you of the negative impact of fast food, particularly unlimited amounts (we all remember that stroke episode of Family Guy).

Regardless, Chick-Fil-A promises that any information given to the chain in connection with the suspect's capture will remain anonymous (although you'll probably have to reveal your identity if you want to claim the prize).

To be honest, the truck probably has just a lot of frozen chicken patties and a few buns, I assume. Maybe, just maybe, there's something more precious like nuclear codes, but who knows? Either way, whatever the truck contains, any opportunity to win free food is worth knowing about. Good luck, everyone.