Challenge Time: Can You Spot the Differences between These 7 Ice Creams?

My love for ice cream surpasses any desire for other desserts - birthday cake and muffins mean nothing to me when I can get my hands on the cold, creamy, delicious-ness of a bowl of ice cream. And it tends to be a favourite amongst most people; whether you're a Haagen Dazs aficionado like me or more of a Ben & Jerries person, I'm sure that we can all admit that we've fallen prey to finishing a whole tub of ice cream in a single sitting. Oops.

That added to the fact that it tends to be the remedy for just about anything from heartbreak to a bad day at school; you name it, ice cream has always got your back.

So, if you're anywhere near as committed to ice cream as me, you're bound to get full marks on this spot the difference quiz.








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  1. The ice cream on the left has more white chocolate buttons
  2. The ice cream on the right is bigger
  3. The cone on the left is wider
  4. The ice cream on the left has two chocolate sticks
  5. The ice cream on the left is a bigger portion
  6. The ice cream on the left has more chocolate shavings
  7. The ice cream on the right has more whipped cream

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