Celebrity Tips Waitstaff $2,000 At Waffle House

Hospitality work is incredibly hard. It may seem like an easy job to some, but it’s not; you’re on your feet all day, dealing with annoying customers who will take their frustrations over the food or drink on you, even when it’s not your fault.

So, as anyone who works in the hospitality industry will tell you, receiving a tip can make your waitstaff’s day. Even something as little as $10 can be the difference between a good day and a bad day for many waiters, waitresses and bar staff, who like to know that people do appreciate the work they’re putting in.

One man who took tipping culture to the extreme is Donnie Wahlberg. Wahlberg, who is an actor and member of the boy band New Kids on the Block alongside his brother and fellow actor Mark Wahlberg, visited a Waffle House branch in Charlotte, North Carolina, and it’s safe to say he made the day of the staff who were serving him.


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