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Burger King just savaged McDonald’s in a commercial for their newest burger

Everybody loves Burger King. Whether you're talking about the Whopper, the Big King, the Chicken Royale or any one of their secretly delicious breakfast items, Burger King are all about letting you Have It Your Way, as long as Your Way involves shoving tons of meat into your mouth at a near-superhuman rate.

In the world of beef between bread, Burger King is pretty far ahead of the game, for the most part. Wendy's, White Castle or Arby's all pale in comparison to the offering, but one fast food outlet stands in Burger King's way at the top of the junk food pyramid: the one, the only, McDonald's.

McDonald's are probably the most famous food brand in the world, but Burger King can count themselves among the select few who are decidedly not Lovin' It. But when your biggest competitors are so beloved, how do you let your fans know that they've made the right decision in arcing away from the Golden Arches?

For Burger King, the answer is simple: you do what McDonald's do, but you do it better.

The Whopper is a worthy adversary for the Big Mac, the Chicken Royale matches up to the McChicken, but what about the Quarter Pounder? It's not a bad burger at all, but in a brand-new commercial for their newest burger, Burger King have announced to the world that when it comes to a quarter-pound beef patty, the only place to go is Burger King.

Check out this new commercial.

So confident are Burger King in their newest burger, the advert for the Double Quarter Pound King Sandwich is literally a funeral for McDonald's. Bagpipes play, people weep, and the Burger King's unfeeling, plastic face somehow manages to show grief. This is all, you'll notice, for the "flat-top quarter pound burgers" that McDonald's is famous for.

The commercial doesn't mention McDonald's by name, but you can be 100 percent sure they're taking aim at McDonald's. Once the Burger King finally lays the totally-not-the-Quarter-Pounder to rest, the bagpipes grow more upbeat, the mourners start to smile, and Burger King's mascot starts to do a little dance.

If, like the people in this video, you want to fully pay your respect to the flat top quarter pound burger, you can enjoy the Double Quarter Pound King Sandwich at your nearest Burger King: it's literally just come out today. You can buy one for $5.39, though from the looks of it, it'll be really hard to stop at just one.

Unlike the usual Burger King fare in the Double Whopper, the Double Quarter Pound King doesn't have any lettuce, tomato or mayo (I like to think of those as "unnecessary filler" anyway), but it does have two slices of cheese, according to the fast food joint, so I'm not complaining one bit. The Double Quarter Pound King burger also has as much as 60 percent more beef than the old Big King burger, so you can be sure you're getting your fill.

So, Burger King fans, it's time to head down to your local branch, order yourself a Double Quarter Pound King, and delight in its meats and cheeses. The McDonald's Quarter Pounder might be dead, but with this delicious new burger, Burger King's 2018 might just be very much alive.