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Burger King Is About To Launch A Froot Loops Milkshake

Every now and again, a new fast food product comes along that has the power to make you drop everything, grab your wallet, and head to your nearest branch to splash your hard-earned cash. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm here to tell you that Burger King's newest milkshake flavor has that power.

That's because rumors have been swirling that Burger King's newest milkshake will be flavored with none other than Kellogg's Froot Loops cereal, which is pretty much the most exciting piece of news I've heard all week.

The news was first leaked by food news site GrubGrade, who were keen to point out that the rumors were not 100 per cent confirmed. Despite their hesitation, they were still able to offer a potential launch date for the new flavor: April 17, to be precise.

Then, there was an elusive post from an Instagram user known only as Ms Muggy, in which she claimed they were selling Froot Loops shakes in New York back in January 2016. Testing the shake before the big launch, perhaps?

There's no word yet from Burger King on the new shake, so it looks like we'll have to keep our fingers crossed, our eyes peeled and our bellies ready. I for one am totally ready to have my favorite breakfast cereal transformed into a tasty, calorie laden shake. Consider me sold.