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Brush Stroke Cakes Are The Next Big Baking Trend To Hit The Internet

I'm a big fan of baking, and if you're a fan of Food Envy, I presume you are too. Baking is something that I aspire to be great at, but sadly fail every time. If someone could teach me the art of a gooey brownie, I would be over the moon.

One bakery that is certainly better at baking than I am is Kalabasa Bakery in Moscow, Russia. They've perfected the art of the brush stroke cake, and they look absolutely beautiful. Just looking through their Instagram feed fills me with awe, wonder, and leaves a puddle of saliva on the table. These cakes are stunning, and that's a fact.

The brush strokes are made by melting and colouring chocolate, which is then brushed onto wax paper and left to dry. After a certain amount of time, the chocolate dries and the brush strokes are ready to be applied to the cakes. Of course, more embellishment is added, with berries, icing and edible spray paint added to the cakes.

These really are the ultimate wedding cakes. You could customise the shades of the icing to the color scheme of your wedding. They're definitely the most Instagrammable cakes around, purely because they're so damn photogenic. Just look at them! These cakes are prettier than most people I know.

In even better news, the brush stroke icing effect can also be used on cupcakes. So, if you're looking to win over your office at the latest charity bake sale, make a few of these cakes to wow the crowd. They almost look too pretty to eat.