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British Millennials Try American Candy For The First Time, But Their Teeth Just Weren’t Prepared For It

People generally tend to prefer what they know and what they're used to, and this is particularly true when it comes to food. If you were raised on a diet dominated by vegetables, the chances are you will enjoy eating the green stuff when you're an adult. It's just the way it works.

It kind of sucks for those whose parents didn't make enough of an effort to emphasize the importance of healthy eating, but there you go. Our impressionable young minds become accustomed to what we're being fed on a regular basis and we develop a sort of bias to it.

And if you grew up in a certain country, you're more likely to prefer versions of a particular food that originate in that country. Your taste buds are just staying loyal to what they know. The best example of this kind of food attachment is candy.

Watch this group of British millennials try a selection of American candy and give their honest opinions on it:

Candy is one of those foods that we tend to develop very nostalgic feelings for because it's usually something we would have eaten in abundance when we were little kids. When we were younger, candy was given to us as treats and rewards, so the selection of candy available to us was all we needed to put a big smile on our bratty, little faces.

But there comes a time when you're, say, on vacation and you venture away from the candy you ate when you were a kid, and try some new foreign brands. People will usually have one of two reactions. There's the standard "my country's stuff is better than your country's stuff" reaction, where they will immediately decide this foreign candy's got nothing on their own country's candy. Or they'll be won over by the candy and want to take it back home with them.

But will this group of British millennials enjoy some of the best candy the US has to offer? Or will it put their gag reflex to the test, big time?

Because while a lot of American snack foods such as Snickers and Skittles are widely available in the UK, there are many brands that have yet to find their way into our hearts.

And sometimes there are special editions of American candy that are not available in the UK, alongside the standard version of it. For instance, while an ordinary packet of Skittles can be found in all good grocery stores, you'll struggle to find anyone who's heard of (let alone eaten) the sweet heat edition of spicy Skittles.

With a selection of Twizzlers, Nerds, Charleston Chews, Jolly Ranchers and Kool-Aid, will these Brits warm to the sugary snacks or will they be steering clear of American candy in the future? Watch the video to find out!