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Brave Thai chef absolutely tears apart Gordon Ramsay’s Pad Thai

Gordon Ramsay has built up a reputation over the past decade for being the meanest, toughest and angriest celebrity chef in the world. Some would argue the angriest celebrity period. Only a few brave people have stood up to him and not many have lived to tell the tale. They weren't physically killed, just verbal berated into submission and humiliation, also being the subject of mass ridicule by Ramsay fans.

Very few have come out on top, one of whom is a Thai restaurant chef known only as Chang. He is a hero to anyone who Ramsay has ever intimidated - which must be hundreds, if not tens of hundreds. Over the past few days, the clip of Ramsay getting criticism from Chang has once again gone viral and people just can’t get enough of it.

If you're unfamiliar with this fantastic piece of television, the infamous moment happened during series five of Ramsay's popular television show The F Word. Visiting the Wimbledon Thai temple in London, Ramsay decided to cook up some pad thai - one of Thailand's most popular dishes - for the Buddhist monks there. Wanting to make it more special, Ramsay enlisted the help of head chef Chang from the Blue Elephant restaurant - but things didn't go as expected.

Introducing his mission to make the perfect meal for the monks, Ramsay said, "I love Thai food. I love cooking it. I love eating it. But this has to be the most daunting task so far. The monks spend most of their waking hours meditating and studying. Buddhist teachings forbid them to cook so it's up to the local Thai community to offer the one meal the monks are allowed to eat at 11.00 each day."

He continued, "Helping me fulfil this honour and privilege is Chang, executive chef at the Blue Elephant, one of London's top Thai restaurants." With the stakes high, I'm pretty sure Ramsay was determined not to mess things up. Unfortunately, according to Chang, he did.

At first, things appeared to be going well for Ramsay as Chang told him the monks weren't fussy eaters being "very nice, very kind," never sending food back.

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Starting out by making savoury dumplings known as "money bags", Ramsay smashed this task but then he moved on to the pad thai, which would be his "take on a classic". Frying shallots, garlic and chilli with salt and a little bit of sugar, Ramsay then added the spring onions and king prawns, making a dish he "loves to cook at home".

With Chang keeping an eye on him, Ramsay added fish sauce and tamarind paste to make his dish "sweet and sour". Adding the finishing touches of an egg, bean sprouts and noodles, Ramsay hoped the monks would be happy with his dish, with Chang nodding in agreement.

This all changed however with Ramsay's "quick and easy pad thai". Things went wrong very, very quickly. After a few funny faces and interesting noises, Gordon asks what's wrong and chef Chang exclaims, "No, this is not Pad Thai at all. Pad thai has to be sweet, sour and salty."

Can you imagine taking down Gordon Ramsay?! Mad respect for this dude. Thankfully Ramsay took it well, saying to him in response "doesn't taste too bad" but Chang shut him down once again saying, "To you, but not for me." Ouch. Better luck next time Gordon.