Black Coconut Ice Cream Burgers Are Shaking Up The Ice Cream Game

Okay, it’s possible that you may have read this title and thought, ‘they’ve done it again… the hipsters have gone too far’. And that’s valid, because who in their right mind combines ice cream with burgers with ash? Only complete geniuses, that’s who.

The black ice cream trend has hit it big this summer, with people waiting in line for hours just to get a taste of this dark and mysterious treat. It has been tested, and despite it’s tar-like appearance, the ice cream is almost always delicious. Instagram food trends are often disappointing in real life, so when you find one that genuinely delivers, what do you to? You take it one step further!

Which is exactly what Jude’s Ice Cream Parlor in London is doing this August, serving, for the very first time, their black coconut ice cream burger. 


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