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Beyoncé’s personal trainer revealed the singer’s fierce vegan diet

Do you remember 2013 Beyoncé? She was just pregnant with Blue Ivy (also revealing she had a miscarriage). She had released her HBO documentary Life Is But a Dream, Mrs. Carter was on its world tour and she had just dropped Beyoncé and Drunk in Love. Surfbort.

Queen Bey had also decided to go vegan for a while back then, and you could make the argument (or at least vegans who are fans of Beyonce could argue) that this is what led us to the Beyoncé we see before us in 2017.

If like the entire rest of the world, you want to be like Beyoncé, her trainer and diet planner Marco Borges, released a complete list of everything she ate, breakfast, lunch and dinner for those 22 days. 22 days is quite intensive and let's face it, we aren't Beyoncé, so here is an easier seven-day plan you can try to see if you can feel as flawless as Beyoncé.

Day one consists of green smoothies for breakfast. Beyonce's included banana, almond butter, protein powder and heaps of greens. A go-to lunch for her during this period was salad, so it's good to get yourself used to it early. I know, you've probably heard salad and collectively sighed, but Yoncé's meals were far from rabbit food.

The salads she would eat were colorful and vivacious - similar to what you'd see on Instagram but at another, almost sacred level. A good go-to to start with is mango, kale and avocado salad. For dinner, have zucchini noodles, or courgetti. Try to stay withing vegan guidelines with your accompaniments.

On day two, to keep that vegan mindset strong and (let's not lie) sexy, chia pudding is your go-to option. Chia seeds are packed full of fiber, B vitamins and Omega-3s. They also a make pretty good pudding replacement. Interestingly, Beyoncé's favorite flavor is vanilla but there's plenty of room for experimentation.

Lunch is another avocado salad but this time, add some jicama, a Mexican yam for some flavor. For dinner, it's your first real go at some carbs in quinoa (a staple in any vegan diet). Quinoa and black bean salad will pack tons of protein, which of course is important for vegans.

Day three starts with oatmeal, a filling and delicious way to wake up. Use almond milk instead of regular milk to make it a vegan meal. Beyoncé likes hers with some banana and a scoop of almond butter.

For lunch make some curried rice and lentils. The lentils are a key player here, as they gave Beyoncé the protein and therefore energy to rehearse, record and do all the things she does in the day. For dinner, a good vegan burger will keep you strong as you reach the midpoint. You won't miss meat with a good black bean burger.

On day four, have some vegan cereal. "But what is that?" I hear you ask. Regular cereal with nut or soy milk is your answer. Beyoncé's version of vegan cereal is more than just cinnamon toast with almond milk, though. She prefers puffed rice cereal and half a banana with a cup of almond milk.

For lunch it's kale. If you didn't know already, she loves it (the kale sweatshirt was probably a huge clue). Day four's salad is kale apple and raisin salad with a Dijon vinaigrette. For dinner, it's pesto pasta with any veggies you like. Everything is okay in the world knowing Beyoncé eats pasta.

Almost there, you guys. Day five is oatmeal again but this time with cinnamon and apples. Lunch is the curried rice and lentils from day three and dinner is a very hearty sweet potato and black bean chilli.

On day six, switch up the smoothie recipe by blending up mixed berries, coconut water, half an avocado and some chocolate protein powder. Lunch is a cheeseless quesadilla, which sounds kind of depressing at first but with a silky avocado, some good hummus, a ripe tomato and veggies, you won't look back. Dinner is quinoa and black bean salad.

Your final day is pretty easy (especially if you've followed the plan comprehensively). Start with some cereal and half a banana topped with almond milk, go into lunch with a kale and chickpea salad and end on a high note with a zucchini noodle dish similar to the one you made on day one. Top them with some ginger, sesame oil, maple syrup and say sauce to make a more Asain style salad this time.

With that, there you have it. You have completed a week in Beyoncé's shoes. Do you think you'll enjoy it? Do you think you will last until the end, or even go the whole 22 days? I'd like to think when you complete the 22 days, Beyoncé comes down from the sky and blesses you, leaving you with wealth and fortune for years to come. Imagine that.