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‘Batman’ just broke a long-standing Chipotle record by eating there for 428 days straight

He is vengeance. He is the night. He is Batman.

Driven by the death of his parents, he watches over Gotham City at night, helping to keep crime off the streets. I'm sure we all know the story of the Caped Crusader, but I doubt that the next Justice League film will devote much time to Bruce Wayne's love of burritos. Why would it?

If, for some reason, the world of comic book fans asked for a version of Batman whose passion for fighting crime was matched only by his love of Mexican food, we'd probably have a hard time convincing a movie executive. No: if we want - nay, need - a burrito-loving Batman, we're going to have to turn to the real-life version of Bruce Wayne, who just set a record by eating at Chipotle for (at the moment) 428 days straight.

Even better: he did so in a Batman costume.

Out in Tiffin, Ohio, a man named Bruce Wayne walks the streets. He's not as rich, and his past is not nearly as tragic as the Bruce we're accustomed to, but Bruce Wayne has proven he's every bit the hero we deserve by stepping into Chipotle every day for the last 15 months, smashing records in the process.

It all started on Halloween 2016. Bruce Wayne was out in his costume (he was obviously dressed as Batman), and as is customary at Chipotle, was entitled to a three-dollar burrito. As he sat in Chipotle eating his meal, the flavors flowed through his mouth, his body and his mind, and in that moment came a burst of pure inspiration: he was going to eat there every day until he broke the record for consecutive days at Chipotle, which at the time stood at 425.

And so he embarked on his epic quest, tucking into tacos, belching after burritos, and otherwise munching Mexican food. Bruce Wayne was not only driven, but he was clever too; knowing that Chipotle isn't open every day, he ordered extra food for when the restaurant chain was closed, presumably stuffing it into his utility belt for safe keeping.

Even better, Batman found that his mission was having even more positive effects than he'd initially intended. He found that he was spending less money at the grocery store, and Bruce Wayne also discovered to his delight that he was losing weight (which I like to think made it easier for him to fight the Joker).

All the way through, Bruce Wayne kept his loyal fans updated as to the progress of his mission, thanks to his Instagram account, and that photo journey came to a head December 30, when he surpassed the previously-set record. It was a joyous day, with Chipotle providing Bruce with a new Batman costume for the achievement, but this fast food superhero revealed that the streak could go on for much longer than expected.

"After posting online for as long as I have, no one has stepped forward yet saying there's a record in excess of that. But I have no intention of stopping at 425."

With the record now firmly shattered, it will be interesting to see just how far Bruce Wayne goes in his quest to gobble down food from Chipotle.