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Are You Strange Enough To Dine In The World’s Weirdest Restaurants?

In the 21st century, we visit restaurants more than ever before. An experience that was once reserved for special occasions is now commonplace, and, as a result, it's no longer something that we look forward to. But there are a lot of restaurants out there that have gone out of their way to be different to solve this problem - and by different I mean unbelievable.

When I was in London, I remember walking into a rainforest themed restaurant and being blown away by how quirky it was. Leaves and branches littered the room, and there was a giant talking tree on the wall. However, it had nothing on the most bizarre restaurants in the world, which are so strange that your social media followers won't believe they're real.

Take a look inside them for yourself:

Whether your ideal bizarre dining experience involves having a vampire serve you a range of quirkily disgusting foods or sitting down to a five-course meal whilst sitting on the toilet (or even underwater...), people's weirdest food fantasies are now a reality. Personally, I'd love to have dinner in a restaurant that replicates the dining room from Beetlejuice!

So, without further ado, here are the 20 weirdest restaurants in the world. Could you stomach any of them?

1. The Sky Restaurant

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there's a sky restaurant in Montreal, Canada, that's a staggering 160 feet in the air. I wonder how many guests have overestimated their ability to deal with heights and involuntarily hurled their meal to the ground?!

2. The Barbie Restaurant

In Taiwan, there's a Barbie-themed restaurant. I can vividly remember having a Barbie campervan as a kid, complete with a small dining area, so if you haven't grown out of your love of the doll, then this could be your ideal bizarre restaurant!

3. Devil's Island Prison Restaurant

If you have a penchant for living life in the fast lane, but don't actually went to end up behind bars, this prison restaurant might be the answer. Admittedly, you'd have to fly to China for the experience, but it'd certainly be something to write home about.

4. Twin Stars Diner

In Moscow, Russia, there's a diner that's staffed entirely by sets of identical twins. Apparently, the theme is the result of a Russian movie called Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors (1963) that's all about twins. Okay...

5. The Safe House

This is a spy-themed restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Inside, there's a world map and various different clocks at the bar so you can grab a drink whilst continuing your work as a secret agent. They even serve themed cocktails like The Great Spytini.

6. The Elementary School Tavern

I have no idea why this restaurant even exists. I can understand the appeal of the others on this list, but going back to school? It's not for me. But if it sounds like something you'd be into The Elementary School Tavern can be found in Tokyo, Japan.

7. Disaster Café

There's a restaurant in Lloret de Mar, Spain where you'll experience a severe earthquake as you eat - aptly named the Disaster Café. I can only live in the hope that no dinners have choked on their food after getting spooked by the quake!

8. Cabbages and Condoms

Looking at that sign, I have so many questions. Why condoms? And why cabbages?! If you thought it couldn't get any worse, you're wrong. All the waiters in this restaurant located in Bangkok, Thailand, wear condoms on their heads, and I'm not talking about their heads downstairs. It's all done to promote safe sex, but a restaurant isn't the time or the place for that!

9. O'Noir

In O'Noir, diners eat entirely in the dark. They even have to help guide each other to their seats. It's "more than restaurant" but "a true human and sensory experience!" If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, the restaurant's in Toronto, Canada.

10. Jekyll & Hyde Club

A Halloween themed restaurant called Jekyll & Hyde (named after the notorious lawyer from the 1886 novella) exists in New York. Diners are served by classic horror characters in a restaurant filled with creepy memorabilia that's full of tricks.

11. Heart Attack Grill

The Heart Attack Grill aims to give restaurant goes a heart attack. Their vegan option is simply cigarettes. So if you're wanting to put yourself in an early grave, take a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada where the nurses will serve you a highly calorific meal.

12. Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant and Strip Club

Whoever decided to make a strip club restaurant underwater was a true madman. Its located in Eilat, Israel, but sadly if you're into that kind of thing, you'll need to look elsewhere as it's no longer in use. I wonder why it went out of business...

13. The Robot Restaurant

There's a robot restaurant in Toyko, Japan, obviously. The Japanese are famed for their quirky dining experiences, but this has got to be the most bizarre. Thankfully, I don't think your server will care whether or not you leave them a tip.

14. The Trailer Park Lounge 

But despite the bad rap trailer parks get, there's actually a pretty quirky trailer park themed restaurant in New York. It's the most self-aware comic restaurant, writing that "[it's] the place to meet your next ex!" Probably not a good spot for a first date then...

15. Hospitalis

I don't know about you, but getting put in a straight jacket isn't my idea of fun. Neither is eating a body-part shaped foot. Or getting handfed. But for diners at Hospitalis in Latvia, it's a reality. It's the sort of place you'd send someone after they lost a bet...

16. New Lucky Restaurant

Horrifyingly, there's a restaurant that's been built on top of a graveyard in Ahmedabad, India. Its owner said, "The graveyard brings good luck. Our business has been flourishing because of these graves. It gives people a unique experience. We have maintained the graves as they were. Our customers don't seem to mind."

17. Eat, The Silent Restaurant

Bizarrely, there's a silent restaurant in New York. Now that really would be my nightmare first date. The awkwardness of sitting across from each other with nothing to listen to apart from other people chewing would be unbearable.

18. The Ninja Restaurant

Prepare to get suddenly frightened if you're mad enough to eat at Ninja New York. Usually, we don't pay any more attention than is necessary to our servers, but these guys really go work for their money and are not only dressed as ninjas but have swords too.

19. Christon Café

The Christon Café is a biblically-inspired restaurant. Despite this, it really does look like something that the Addams Family would enjoy. Since there are no hidden surprises here, it could be a good alternative spooky dining location. It's in Tokyo, Japan.

20. Magic Restroom Café

Aside from the fact that you're sitting on toilets, this is a fairly standard Taiwanese restaurant. The food's served in the toilets too. To be honest, I think it's disgusting, but I guess it would make for some pretty interesting snaps for Instagram.

So, have any of these extremely unusual restaurants tickled your fancy? Or will you be sticking to McDonald's? One thing's for sure - unless you're passing through a particularly rough town, there's no chance of encountering a ninja in the Golden Arches.