Apparently We’ve All Been Eating Chocolate Wrong This Entire Time

My personal method of chocolate eating is to stuff the whole thing in my face as quickly as possible, with little care to what’s going on around me. It’s like a chocolatey parallel universe where the only two things that exist are me and the chocolate bar.

However, thanks to the results of a new study, it turns out that by carefully selecting the tunes we pick to accompany our chocolate gorging, we could completely enhance our perception of its flavor. The report by Mindlab found that amplitude, frequency, volume and pitch can significantly affect your perception of taste. Are you a fan of nuts in your bars? Try listening to songs with lower pitches. Love a bit of crunch? Try higher pitched tunes.

The study was conducted in association with Cadbury, who have released a new album to complement the research called Sound of Flavourites. “We’ve very much enjoyed working with Cadbury Dairy Milk to produce the Sound of Flavourites album,” said Hugh Brunt, composer, and co-artistic director at London Contemporary Orchestra.

“Each bespoke composition is designed to pair with one of the nine bars in the Cadbury Dairy Milk range, and we hope that these tracks enhance the already joyful chocolate eating experience.”

The researchers also found that a steady rhythm complements smooth texture, mellow sounds complement soft spongy textures, and up-tempo sounds complement surprising textures that pop and crackle. So the next time you’re listening to a little bit of Bieber’s Sorry, you might want to crack open some popping candy to heighten the experience.

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