Anthony Bourdain Reveals His Secret Recipe For Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs. They’re pretty easy to make, right? In fact, scrambled eggs are one of the easiest egg-based dishes to make, I reckon. Apart from, you know, eating them completely raw. But who in their right mind would do that?

For the perfect scrambled eggs, all you need to do is crack a few eggs into the pan, whisk them about a bit, and Bob’s your uncle. Or so I thought. Thanks to top chef and food author Anthony Bourdain, however, it’s becoming clear that we might have to rethink our tried and tested scrambled egg recipe.

In a new interview with Tech Insider, Bourdain makes it clear that there’s a very particular way to make scrambled eggs. Because it’s such a simple dish, he says, there’s really no room to mess up. The acclaimed chef told Tech Insider: “I just don’t feel that milk or cream adds anything. I believe that a scrambled egg is principally about the egg. You’re not making a quiche here.”

Other tips from Bourdain include making sure you keep the pan on a low to medium heat throughout, and cracking the eggs into a bowl instead straight into the pan. That way, you can avoid any unsavoury crunching from a rogue egg shell.

Beat the eggs in the bowl until you get a ripple of yellow and white throughout. It’s important to ensure that the eggs are not overly beaten. Bourdain cooks his eggs in a generous amount of butter, melted in the pan before adding the eggs. When the butter begins to foam, it’s time to add the eggs.

After pouring the eggs into the pan, let them sit and cook for a short while until they just about begin to solidify. Then, push the eggs around in a figure-of-eight pattern using a fork. When the eggs become fluffy, aerated and rippled, leave the eggs to settle and remove the fork from the pan.

Who knew making scrambled eggs could have such specific instructions? Although Bourdain’s recipe might sound a little too prescribed, I can assure you it makes the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever eaten. Now, please excuse me while I go and devour and entire plate of the stuff.

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