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Animal Activists Are Outraged After Video Footage Of Muscular Bull Goes Viral

As a farmer's daughter, I spent a great deal of my childhood surrounded by animals, and as a result, I would like to say that I am relatively aware of what constitutes as 'normal' in the world of farm animals.

However, with the introduction of technology in farming within the past decade, I would say that everything I thought I knew is no longer relevant. For example, farmers can now track and monitor their herds and flocks via apps that don't even require them to enter a field.

So, I can't say I was hugely surprised when a video went viral earlier this week of a grotesquely muscular cow. Initially, I assumed that the Belgian Blue's abnormal shape was a result of a sickening quantity of steroids pumped into the creature to ensure maximum profits at the slaughterhouse.

However, I was wrong to assume that, as were thousands of others who took to Twitter to rage about the bull's bulbous body.

Many assumed that the bull's bizarre shape was a severe case of animal cruelty, thus they alerted animal protection charities to intervene.

Watch the alarming footage for yourself...

However, according to PETA, there is nothing wrong with the animal. In fact, it's unusual form is perfectly normal. The charity explained that the Belgian Blue breed are naturally bulky, and can often become exceedingly so if a genetic mutation is present.

The mutation is known as "double-muscling". This means that the animal is missing protein which controls their muscle growth. It is more common on farms where animals are selectively bred for their ability to grow, thus produce more meat, say PETA.

The charity also warns that animals with this condition "often endure serious health problems" including difficult pregnancies and birth defects.

The Belgian Blue is primarily bred for meat, with a few instances where the breed is used to produce milk, and thus this genetic mutation can be seen as desirable to farmers who want to increase their profit margins.

The breed is most popular throughout Europe. However, in 1978 the breed was introduced to the United States, a Canadian farmer who migrated to West Texas.

The viral video, shot in an unknown location, came just days after a similarly bizarre story involving a cow hit the headlines.

Knickers, the cow, from Australia was a viral sensation earlier this week after his photograph was posted online. The giant beast stands at an alarming 6ft 4", weighing 220 stone, making him considerably larger than his field companions.

Knickers story had a happy ending after it was revealed that he was destined for the slaughterhouse, but at the last minute was turned away due to being too big to deal with. The seven-year-old cow now happily lives in Western Australia, where he has become quite a spectacle.