Alcohol And Takeaways Are Reason For A Long Life Claims 107-Year-Old

We are constantly getting told that we should or shouldn’t consume certain things in order to help as live a long and healthy life. Whether it is making sure we get our five-a-day, or cutting down on our red meat consumption; someone will always have a solution for how we can live longer and happier lives.

However, one woman has blown away the notion that you have to eat “well” to live longer, saying that her diet of takeaways and whisky are part of the reason she has lived to the grand old age of 107 years old.

Kay Travis is a 107-year-old great grandmother who hails from Sheffield in the UK. She claims that her long and healthy existence has been down to nothing more than a daily drink and the occasional takeaway, giving hope to us all.

Kay celebrated her 107th birthday the only way she knows how: down the pub with her family and friends enjoying a meal and a drink. To be fair to Kay, she’s not out every night getting absolute off her head on sambuca and vodka shots. No, instead, she opts for a single glass of whisky every night just before she goes to bed.

Speaking about his mother’s diet, Kay’s son Jon, 77, said:

“She has always cooked her own food and has a varied diet, although nowadays, because of arthritis, she generally directs her carer as to how she wants her food cooking. She occasionally does order a takeaway pizza or has fish and chips. She has a regular daily whisky – which she believes is good medicine.

Mum is definitely not an alcoholic, but she’s been drinking whisky every day for the last 15 years or so. In fairness she’ll have a tot of whatever whisky she can get hold of to be honest.”

If you’re hoping to live for 107 years like Kay (although, with the way the world is going, I doubt any of us will be lucky to make it that far), her favourite late night tipple is Famous Grouse. Kay claims that the whisky is a “good medicine”, and reckons that she has had over 5,000 glasses of the good stuff in the past 15 years. Pretty impressive.

Kay was born in Sheffield on August 14, 1910, but had a difficult upbringing after her father fought and died during the First World War in 1917.

However, despite the adversities that she has faced, Kay has lived on, and her son believes it’s down to the genetics in the females members of the family. At a time when the life expectancy of individuals was much lower, Kay’s mother still managed to live until she was in her 90s, while her aunt lived until she was 87.

So, there you have it: if you want to live longer, you best call up Domino’s and get a big bottle of whisky in; that should do the trick. It’s safe to say that Kay’s lifestyle sounds much more enjoyable than one that just involves eating kale and drinking water in order to prolong our existence, so I know which one I will be partaking in for now.

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