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The absolute definitive guide to Kim Kardashians favorite foods

As we all know Kim Kardashian works incredibly hard to stay fit and camera ready - so much so in fact that she has health and fitness promotions coming out of her ears. Most of the sisters do, it must be nice knowing you never have to pay for tea that makes you poop.

Anyway, we know Kim, in particular, loves treating herself from time to time so she doesn't crash - the basis of a healthy lifestyle and the attribute of a true foodie in my opinion. But what exactly are her go-to foods?

Below is the absolute definitive list of all the foods Kim Kardashian West loves to treat herself with.

1. In-N-Out burger combo

On her very own app, Kim K wrote "This is honestly one of my favorite meals ever: I always get just the plain cheeseburger, cheese fries and a vanilla shake. So good!!!," A rave review if I ever saw one.

2. Häagen-Dazs ice cream

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Kim called their dulce de leche flavor her "favorite thing in life." She has also been photographed at various Häagen-Dazs store locations during her travels, most notably in Paris in the lead up to her wedding.

3. Tim Tams

In an interview with Cosmopolitan Australia, she said "I'm obsessed with Tim Tams. The first day I got here I ate a whole box." She also shared the shot below on social media with the caption "favorite snack ever!"

4. Krispy Kreme doughnuts 

Kim gave these glazed rings the high honor of her "favorite junk food." In a fan Q and A with Mobio insider when the subject was brought up she said: "don't tempt me, I'm doing good right now".

5. McDonald's McGriddles 

"Just one bite!" the reality star captioned this shot, adding, "#MyFave." I wish I had that kind of willpower. My McDonald's orders are embarrassing.

6. Churros 

"I'm obsessed with churros," Kim said to The Daily Telegraph, adding that the ones in Disneyland, in particular, are "to die for." There's also that time she flew to Paris just to satisfy a churro pregnancy craving.

7. Tamarindo candy

Her foreign candy obsession goes south of the border. These Mexican treats are made from the tamarind fruit and are very sweet, sour and spicy all at once. In one post she wrote, "I'm addicted to tamarindo candy!"

8. Health nut salad

In April, Kim tweeted that Health Nut in Calabasas, California is their go-to salad spot. Her standard order is the "Chef salad w mango iced tea," She recently said to Andy Cohen that she eats the salad "every single day." Dedication and consistency are key.

9. Beignets 

Beignets from Cafe du Monde are Kim's kryptonite. She visited the Big Easy three times for these when she was pregnant. During a visit last October, she shared a shot of the bag of fried dough with the caption "He just gets me," probably talking about Kanye.

10. Ramen noodles

This ain't the traditional stuff we're talking here either. Kim has shared photos of the classic Top Ramen as her late night snack a few times.

11. Ribs

Kim captioned this picture "Chili's baby back ribsssss," a homage to the restaurant chain's iconic jingle that will now be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. In an interview with BBC Radio 1, she declared herself "obsessed with ribs."

12. Lucky charms 

This is a midnight craving go to for Kim. She posted this photo with the caption "Late night snack." Like Kylie, the marshmallow only obsession seems to run in the family.

13. Chipotle 

Kim has been photographed at the burrito chain multiple times and recently tweeted that she just ate there. Even with all the bad press Chipotle, if Kim K loves your food, you guys are pretty safe.

With this list, you now have no excuses to fail if you truly want to keep up with this Kardashian. Maybe go a step further and go to the same chain locations she goes to. You never know, the fame, success and beauty may rub off on you (probably not).