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About Viral Thread

Viral Thread is a website that aims to show you the best of the World Wide Web. Whether this be funny, inspirational or stories that will shock you, we bring you the most popular stories on the web and put them in one great place for you to enjoy.

We are always trying to bring you the latest trending stories and we appreciate anyone submitting content which we will try our best to makeĀ go viral.

Why Viral Thread?

The name comes from the old term of ‘thread’ back in the days of email when people used to forward popular stories to each other. The Viral part is self explanatory so we brought the two together to describe our aim in ensuring the most popular stories on the web were published on our website in real time.

We go a long way to ensure all our stories are verified.

Our sole purpose is to satisfy our readers so if you do enjoy any of our content please help us out and share that content!

Any more questions, just head to the Contact Us page.