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A woman lost 77lbs by making all her meals with this simple cooking utensil

Losing weight is always a slog. It requires discipline, dedication and desire. And the ability to resist donuts. None of these key components should be underestimated. Therefore, anyone who sets themselves a weight loss target and manages to succeed has reason to be very pleased with themselves.

Because the challenge is so substantial, assistance is often required. This was the case with Californian mother of three Brittany Williams, who in January this year pledged that she would successfully lose some weight. Finding herself limited in how she could interact with her young children, she was determined to make some substantial changes to both her diet and her lifestyle.

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However, having attempted dieting before, she was also convinced that she could not do it alone, intimating to her husband that she was considering weight-loss surgery. As a last resort, 27-year-old Brittany stumbled across the tool that would help her realise her ambition - the Instant Pot.

A New Year's resolution to cook all her meals at home, allied with the acquisition of the kitchen appliance, has helped Brittany to lose nearly 80 lbs over the course of 11 months. Whereas she previously ordered take out with such regularity that the pizza delivery guy knew her by name, the Instant Pot has helped Brittany to become a prolific, and much healthier, home cook.

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Brittany says that she "probably use(s) it for five or six dinners a week but...also use(s) it daily for hard boiled eggs or to make a frittata for breakfast,” proving that the Instant Pot is as reliable as it is flexible.

A multi-use pressure cooker, the Instant Pot has been designed to help busy homeowners prepare seemingly complex meals with relative ease. The product has already been a best seller over the current holiday season. Brittany, who has no affiliation with the product, declares that "it made everything...quick and convenient" in her kitchen.

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Brittany's newfound cooking habits have not just helped her waistline. Since the change to a home cooked foodie regime, the Williams' weekly grocery bill has fallen to $250 every other week - a massive saving on the takeaway week expenditure of previous years.

Brittany's new routine consists of a smoothie or frittata, courtesy of the Instant Pot, raw veggies in a salad for lunch, and a stew or lasagne, once again prepared in the appliance. This marks a dramatic change from a diet that typically skipped breakfast, indulged in tortilla chips and cheese for lunch and ended the day with a frozen ready meal followed by cookies and brownies.

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Brittany says that, for her, the key to successful weight loss is not thinking in terms of a diet, but in terms of a lifestyle adjustment. By avoiding take out and getting back in the kitchen, she has made healthy changes for her and the whole family. Today, Brittany is documenting her journey on social media, as well as creating recipes and and tips on her blog.

While the Instant Pot may not work for everyone as a dietary aid, it's clear that for people like Brittany, it can be a really useful means to achieving your goals.