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A grandma reveals that kebabs are the secret behind her youthful looks

You know what they say: time and tide wait for no man. We start off as kids, quickly become teens, and before we can even blink, we're in our 30s, and welcoming our own kids into the world to start the process all over again. While all this is happening, our bodies are slowly succumbing to the effects of wear and tear.

Typically, we all look best in our late teens and our 20s, but some are better at retaining that appearance than others. Sometimes, that's down to natural genetics. Other times, it's the result of several thousand dollars' worth of plastic surgery. For a lucky few, like one lady from Turkey, it's all down to some lifestyle quirk, passed down from generation to generation or discovered completely by accident.

Meet Ajda Pekkan. I know we've all got different standards for beauty, but I think we can all agree that this a woman that's pretty far from being ugly. Would it be surprising, then, if I told you that she was actually 71 years old (turning 72 in February), and she's had a long and successful career in not only music, but film as well?

Probably not, as you read the title of this article, but all the same, I'm pretty sure you're looking at Ajda in a completely different light. So what's the secret to her youthful looks? I'm going to be honest, she's had a boob job or two, but otherwise, it's all natural. She's very diligent when it comes to workouts and the like, and it's in part down to Ajda's diet, as she revealed in a local television interview:

"I am always very careful about what I am eating. I can't say I limit my choice in food. I like kebab and fish. I am always very careful about what I am eating. Every morning I drink ginger-lemon-honey mixture in a glass of water. I never wanted to be a beautiful woman figure. But I always protect my body."

Yes, you read that right: the key to Ajda's longevity is not only a ginger-lemon-honey drink in the morning, but a healthy diet of kebabs and fish. Though I'd imagine the kebab is slightly different to the fare you carve off a giant rotisserie in chip shops and restaurants across America and the UK, I would have thought it would be the thing that sent you to an early grave, let alone being the food that's helping her to stay so youthful for so long.

Not only does Ajda look young on the outside, she feels young on the inside, too; having started her career in the 70s and releasing 20 albums since, she has no plans to stop any time soon. What's more: Ajda revealed that she's speaking to doctors in India as well as the United States to see if they can help her to have a baby!

Being able to retain the looks of our youth is a lucrative business, with there being a multimillion dollar industry focused on wrinkle-reducing beauty products and the like. Adja Pekkan seems to have cracked the code to eternal youth; if she does end up having that baby, maybe she'll keep that child on a nice diet of kebab meat. Call it a family recipe.