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A Stranger Tried To Body Shame This Woman And She Hit Back In The Most Epic Way

From time to time, we're all a bit too harsh on when it comes to our own appearances: we're too fat until we're too skinny, too butch until we're losing muscle, our hair's the wrong color until it's a different color, at which point it's even more wrong.

But what we don't expect is for a complete stranger on the internet to point those flaws out for us. After all, isn't the whole point of those online foodie and fitness communities to build each other up and spur each other on?

So when one woman received a body-shaming onslaught from a supposedly "busy mom" she was - quite understandably - horrified. And she was not going take it laying down.

The Reddit user, writing under the name Sweet Honey Apples, shared a screenshot of the mean messages she'd been sent with the decidedly unimpressed caption "I need to lose weight it seems".

The messages started innocuously enough, with a friendly "hey girly" and a nice little compliment about how totally "gorgeous" she was - all seems good so far, right?

However, things slightly different turn with the uttering of those dreaded words "one girl to another though'', a phrase only ever used by gal pals you barely know wanting to have disturbingly personal conversations or, as in this case, someone slinging you a backhanded compliment.

Not one to beat around the bush, the writer moved on to declare that the some of selfies the user had posted were "looking kinda different from the others" and that her choice of food looks "tasty af, but not so tasty on the hips".

Now, I don't know what food she was posting, but give me delicious bacon cheeseburgers over "tasty" hips any day; just look at this beauty and tell me I'm wrong:

I gained 3 lbs just looking at that picture.

Don't worry though, because apparently the writer is a constructive soul and she had both an idea and a generous offer: "I can help you shed those extra 5-10lbs and get you beach ready". What. A. Charmer. But seriously - who writes this to a stranger?

Keen not to be rude (because that would be out of order), she followed up the message with a reassuring "happens to the best of us" note, complete with a passive-aggressive-slightly-patronizing tongue-out smiley face.

But our Redditer is not one to take this kind of stranger-shaming lying down, and quickly had her own response to the unwanted offer in the form photo of herself in fitness gear, showing her taut stomach.

Plus, she had a kind offer of her own: you circle my fat, I'll circle yours. YES GIRL, let's see how this one goes. *gets popcorn ready*.

Unfortunately for us, the 'kind stranger' didn't take it too well and wasn't so keen to swap snaps, instead calling her a "b*tch" and complaining that as a "busy mom" she didn't have the time to "live at the gym". Yep, it seems she can give it, but she can't quite take it.

She also added "don't bother messaging me when you get fat" (as if she was going to) because she'll be busy working with "REAL models".  Just for clarity, here's a picture of some real models:

As you can imagine, the kind people of Reddit were quick to jump to her defense and only to happy to slam the unwanted adviser, dishing out some sass of their own and sharing their own wisdom about how to deal with trolls: "As an aside, the script flip is one of my fave things to do to people as a woman who DOES need to lose weight, but is already aware and is working on it. "You'd look so pretty if you just lost a little weight", and then I say, 'OMG, I was just about to say the same thing to you!' People get maaaaaaaaad", wrote one.

Another added a helpful hint about which bomb to drop if they already had a crazy hot bod, saying: "What about if the person saying it has a great body? Can you flip it like 'oh thanks hun! I was just about to say that your perfect body would be even better if you had a tiny rhinoplasty ??.'" Brutal.

All in all, this pretty much serves to show that your mom was right: if you've got nothing nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all... And not just because it's mean, but because you're liable to get super slammed.