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A restaurant in North Carolina serves this burger topped with a roasted tarantula

Ever looked at a restaurant menu and thought "absolutely nothing excites me here"? If you're bored of the mundane and want a little taste of the exotic, this may be the answer you're looking for.

A North Carolina restaurant has topped one of its burgers with a whole (roasted) tarantula, and people are actually entering a lottery to win the chance to eat one. You read that right, you also read right seeing North Carolina. This isn't some delicate, far away land cuisine we've found on YouTube, this is happening right here in America.

Where are they getting tarantulas from? Are there wild tarantulas we don't know about? Please let the answer to that second question be "no".

The Tarantula Burger is the creation of Bull City Burger and Brewery in North Carolina, which is serving the eight-legged LTO as part of its annual Exotic Meat Month promotion. The restaurant says it’s been doing promotion annually for seven years to give customers a chance to learn about new flavors.

Other meats on the menu during Exotic Meat Month include turtle, elk, alligator, python, scorpion, and more. But the most jaw-dropping item on the menu is definitely the Tarantula Burger. The name alone strikes fear into the faint-hearted, you'd have to be made of stern stuff to want to try this. That said, when you forget about the giant spider on top, the burger actually sounds pretty good.

Bull City’s Tarantula Burger is a burger made from pasture-raised North Carolina beef topped with Gruyère cheese, spicy sauce, and a whole oven-roasted zebra tarantula. It costs $30, and if you eat the whole thing, you get a T-shirt.

The tarantulas are lightly salted and baked in the oven, but according to WRAL, the restaurant only has 18 tarantulas to serve. People who want to try the burger have to come to the store to enter a lottery for the chance to eat one, then watch the restaurant’s social media to see if their tickets are drawn.

People have really been eating them, too. Some people consume the tarantula first, then the burger. Others just squash the house-made bun on top of it and eat the burger whole. The raffles will take place until the tarantulas run out. Even if they are tasty, spiders at meal time will forever make me uncomfortable.

Even if you're not scared of spiders, this is pretty terrifying. This spider decided to invite itself to someone's breakfast. Not the first thing I want to see in the morning. Marc Fennell is an Australian media personality, whose post above was greeted by a lot of horrified Twitter responses.

"Every so often I just think 'farrrrrk living in Australia.' When my kids asked me at 7am if we should make breakfast for the spider too. That was one of those moments," his tweet reads. Just when that pic couldn’t get any scarier, you look up the arachnid and you find out that the giant spider doesn’t even make a web, but goes out and forages for food. It could have eaten the kids. If you weren't scared enough, notice the additional spider legs behind the wall.

Props to those kids for not immediately running out of the house screaming, but this is what separates the brave Australians from the rest of the world.