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A drunk guy walked into an empty Waffle House and had the time of his life

We've all been there.

After a long day at work, sometimes the only thing you can do to unwind is to grab a few drinks, and chew the fat for a while with your best friends. Before you know it, one thing leads to another, and whether you meant to or not, you're stumbling around in the wee hours of the morning, and the only thing on your mind is food.

Drunk eating is one of life's underrated pleasures. While sober, you'd be worried about calories or cash, but once Drunk You takes over, the only thing that matters is glorious, greasy indulgence, and you'll do whatever it takes to satisfy that craving. As drunk as you or I have gotten, however, you probably haven't done anything as crazy as Alex Bowen.

Alex Bowen is a former Army combat medic who hails from West Columbia in South Carolina, and last week, he was letting off some steam with a few of his buds. In the early hours of Thursday morning, Bowen felt the dreaded rumbling in his stomach, and knew that only one thing would hit the spot: Waffle House's Texas bacon cheesesteak melt.

Making his way to a local branch, this drunk, hungry man was met with a bit of a dilemma. "I had a few vodka and Sprites, headed to the Waffle House," Bowen recalled. "When I got there, no one in sight, I waited about ten minutes, went outside to look around. Came back in to check to see if anyone came—no one."

A tragic story of drunken hunger - the most pure and powerful of all hungers - seemingly doomed to be unsatisfied. If this were you or me, we'd probably spend a couple more minutes impatiently waiting, before giving up and going somewhere else, crying softly as we trudged home. Not Alex Bowen.

He was going to get his meal, and nobody was going to stop him.

"I knew that delicious Texas bacon cheesesteak melt was just a few feet away, so I took spatula in hand and made it happen. And it was wonderful…"

Still drunk out of his mind, Bowen proceeded to cook himself a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt on the Waffle House grill, before wrapping up his meal for the road. Not only that, but Bowen was gracious enough to clean up after himself once he was done, and even made sure the Waffle House wasn't left short by leaving a five dollar note on the counter at a later point.

What a hero.

Even better, Bowen made sure he made the most of this amazing moment by taking a few drunk selfies of his adventure at Waffle House, and since he shared them on his Facebook page, Waffle House themselves have contacted him to potentially make him a "secret shopper" for quality control purposes.

So why was this Waffle House open? Where were the employees? As Alex Bowen put the finishing touches on his bacon cheesesteak, he noticed someone - a Waffle House employee, fast asleep on the counter. Looking back on his adventure, Bowen admitted that he hopes there's someone there next time to take his order: "but if not, I’d know what to do.”

Stay awesome, Alex Bowen. Stay awesome.