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The chef who ‘spiked’ a vegan is now trolling people on Facebook

Not too long ago, we brought you the story of a chef getting her just desserts for boasting about spiking a vegan's food with non-vegan ingredients. Laura Goodman, co-owner of a restaurant in Shropshire in the United Kingdom wrote a post on Facebook saying how a "pious, judgemental vegan" had gone to bed "still believing she's a vegan," and received a reaction she wasn't quite expecting.

The outrage led to the page for the restaurant on Google receiving hoards of poor reviews that consequentially dragged it's rating down to 1.1 stars out of five. Since then, Laura has apologised and the restaurant's Facebook page was deleted.

Sometime today, though, the site then reappeared, releasing a statement that would hopefully put the issue to bed and let everyone get on with their lives. Boy, were they wrong.

It looks like Laura still hasn't learned her lesson, as her restaurant's Facebook page has been trolling vegans long into the late morning. This is despite its owner being embarrassed and deeply sorry for her initial post.

 Laura has since apologised over the post, which sparked abuse and death threats online

What we already know is that she posted claims of spiking a vegan and called her customer a pious c***. After correcting herself, saying "Actually, I should have said 'they’re” not a vegan… not 'she’s.'"

The statement on the restaurant's official Facebook page (this is key, remember this) said the vegan group in question chose something from the restaurant's existing menu, rather than something from the vegan menu specially designed for them.

The meal in question according to the statement was a cheese-based pizza (which isn't vegan-friendly) that Laura had given them and bragged about on social media shortly after. This caused a lot of confusion with social media users, as they argued that using the word "spike" would insinuate malicious intent rather than just human error (human error that you would then brag about on the internet, weirdly enough).

According to users, Laura had allegedly replied to something that suggested she did more than just serve a cheese pizza - this is on top of the constant trolling she had unleashed on the page's visitors. Her partner claimed that "she deeply regrets that she used it, she didn't mean to cause offence when she used it, and she's sorry," but a couple of well-timed screenshots would argue otherwise.

Vegans still outraged with what she had said (and done) were letting their feelings known on the site. To their bewilderment, they were met with more malice towards them. One user called Uthra Purush left a review and the restaurant's Facebook page, replied saying "Uthra you live in India you d*ck. You have never been to our restaurant".

In direct response to what looks like a banishment she received from the restaurant after leaving a review, user Ceri Michelle Ransome says: "And yes... go ahead and ban me. It's what you are doing isn't it? Silencing people...treating them with utter contempt... throwing abuse at them. What a bunch of cowboys." The restaurant responded: "I bet your breath smells like bile and haddock Ceri." Not the hardest of insults by a long run, but is this how you talk to your customers?

If there was any doubt as to Laura's opinions on vegans, or whether whoever is replying to Facebook users is trying to help the business or dig them an even bigger hole, this will hopefully provide a bit more clarity.

This post, along with many of the replies, have since been deleted (and were deleted quickly after being posted). Her fiancé and business partner Michael Gale said she "deeply regrets" using the word spike and "didn't mean to cause offence", adding that "she's horrified by what she's done, embarrassed and deeply sorry."

Since the whole incident began, Laura has been the subject of death threats and was reportedly suicidal, even calling police to her restaurant because she felt unsafe. Whilst this is concerning, I would argue this is a simple case of a bully who can give out punishment, but can't quite take it as well. Stones in glass houses and all that.

Some news outlets claim she resigned over death threats, but for someone so shaken up, how do you have time to be trolling vegans all morning? Screenshots will always win against a troll, in my opinion.