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A baker had the best response after the internet said her cake looked like female genitalia

People only ever have two reactions when they see genitalia in food: laugh emphatically or instantly share their findings on social media. Most of the time it's both. Breasts, penises or vaginas, the internet is always hungry (and the other h-word).

Once again the internet is torn, but this time it's over some rocks. While some see a geode: a type of rock that makes pretty crystal formations, others just see a pretty, sparkly vagina. This time, the baker extraordinaire goes by the company name Nadia's Cakes.

When Nadia's Cakes CEO, Abby Jimenez posted a picture of a four-inch round vanilla and pink buttercream cake, with a pink, purple and gold trimmed rock candy slice in it and some cake lovers saw only one thing. Specifically, a vagina.

Making its way onto Reddit and Imugur, the cake has thousands of comments from dessert lovers who can only see female genitalia when they look at it. But Abby was thrilled with the cake - and the attention. She took to Facebook to voice her opinions.

“Apparently our cake has made its way onto Reddit and Imgur and my ‘social media game is on point,’” she said, captioning the post: “Once again, we've underestimated our customer's ability to see genitals in our baked goods. And you guys can say you knew me when.”

Nadia also called a phoney staff meeting on Facebook, telling her staff: “Guys, this is the hottest cake of 2018. Vaginas are all the rage. I want vagina geode cakes for everything. Weddings, 1st birthdays, bar mitzvahs — if it doesn't look like a crotch, we're not doing it.”

The banter didn't stop there as the comments was riddled with it and surprisingly it wasn't as rude and childish as you'd think. One person said: "Grab em by the cake!" and another said: “It's a beautiful cake and I think that it does look like a geode, but 69% of people will always see something suggestive in everything.”

One user chortled: “This is local to me. You can still order this cake. I plan to for my baby shower and stick a baby head in there. Lol” and another queried “I’m more concerned about the $65 price tag on a 4-inch round cake that already has a slice taken out of the side…”

This really does raise the question: how many times does this happen? Are we really that dirty-minded? One person argued “They shouldn't have made it flesh color on the outside and it would be ok” but I doubt that would have stopped people finding the vulvic resonance in it.

Abby settles everyone down, telling them the cake isn't even for sale. "This cake was a trial run for a workshop we're hosting. That's right. We were going to teach you how to make this vagina cake. I told the designers to switch it to a purple cake for the class. But I don't know. Maybe now you guys might want the pink one lol!!!” I would love to have her as a boss. She sounds like the best.