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9 sexy breakfast sandwiches that will have you jumping out of bed

Traditionally, the sandwich is more associated with lunch than other mealtimes. When in need of an early morning pick-me-up, the stodgy snack is often not the first thing to immediately spring to mind.

However, this has not stopped some incredibly determined chefs from raising a middle finger convention and creating some inspired breakfast recipes. If you're feeling especially indulgent on a particular morning, these innovations are sure to excite.

1. The Campfire Breakfast Burger

Anything with both "breakfast" and "burger" in the title is off to a promising start. This particular recipe requires, sausage patties, black pepper biscuit mix, cheddar cheese and fresh eggs. Best served near a roaring morning fire in a forest.

Egg and bacon burger

2. Croque Monsieur

An oldie but a goodie, the Croque Monsieur is a French breakfast institution. Ham, cheese and bechamel combine to deliver on every level. Easy to prepare and easier to eat, Croque Monsieur recipes are plentiful. If you're feeling especially naughty, you can even convert your Croque to a Madame with the addition of a fried egg. Yum.

Two croque monsieur sandwiches with a knife

3. Homemade Egg McMuffin

There are few who would argue that the golden arches own indulgent breakfasts. What could be better, therefore, than recreating some of their all-time classics in the comfort of your own home?

Homemade egg mcmuffin

4. Freezer Friendly Breakfast Sandwich

When you're feeling hungry but also hurried, a freezer friendly sandwich is an essential ingredient in every foodie's arsenal. Various recipes exist, but our favourite features turkey mince, cheddar and an English whole-wheat muffin, all with minimal prep time. Perfect fare for manic mornings.

Turkey and cheese stuffed muffins stacked

5. Guacamole Breakfast

Avocado on toast has been a fixture on hipster breakfast menus for years. This recipe, however, takes things to unprecedented levels. Bacon, fried eggs, toast and guac combine to deliver a sandwich that works on every level.

Egg, guacamole and bacon loaded sandwich

6. Bacon Stuffed French Toast

What could be better than slices of sugared, egg-soaked white bread gently fried until crisply caramelised? Adding bacon. Obviously. For those who may wake up feeling especially sorrowful, this is one breakfast recipe that's guaranteed to improve your mood.

Stacked bacon stuffed French Toast

7. Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bagel

With a strong claim to the title of best sandwich casing, the bagel makes a glorious receptacle for all your favourite fillings. However, this recipe, featuring the holy trinity of egg, cheese and bacon, could be the ultimate breakfast bagel archetype.

bacon egg and cheese bagel from above

8. Smoked Salmon Croissant Sandwich

Often overlooked as a potential sandwich construction material, the croissant is perhaps the bake best suited to breakfasty duty. This recipe combines smoked salmon with cream cheese and dill to deliver a stellar sandwich that is perhaps a little healthier than other options.

salmon, cream cheese and dill sandwich

9. Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

Speaking of health, it's perfectly possible to enjoy an amazing sandwich without drowning it in cheese and bacon. Healthy vegan alternatives are readily available and are a perfect way to start your day off on a more virtuous note.

3 Vegan sandwiches in a row

While sandwiches for breakfast might not suit every day, it pays to be aware of the opportunities available. Next time you have a hankering for an especially bready morning, have a crack at one of these recipes. Guaranteed not to disappoint.